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Start 2014 with Body Contouring massages and 90 day weight loss program

Posted by | January 3, 2014 .
Body Contouring Massage now available at Sacred Therapy Spa.

Body Contouring Massage now available at Sacred Therapy Spa.

Announcing a new service at Sacred Therapy Spa, Homewood, IL

Licensed Massage Therapist and spa owner, Marguerite Wright is now offering a package that includes 3 body contouring massages that you will receive per month, herbal body wraps and suggested natural weight loss supplements that all help you reach your weight loss goals. She will be offering this full package at her private spa in Homewood, Illinois starting in January 2014. She put this package together at an affordable price. You can receive all of this starting at a little under $100 per month. You will also qualify for discounts for colonics by a professional Colon therapist located in the south suburbs of Chicago. With this combination of services and products you will be able to detox the body of extra waste and toxins, along with a special massage that helps tighten, tone and firm the skin. Marguerite uses a special botanical formula massage lotion that has ingredients that helps the appearance of skin, causing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks to look better. The natural ingredients includes green tea leaf, eucalyptus, and seaweed extract. Women are so pleased with the results when they get these 30 minute massage treatments.

Marguerite was trained under a National Certified Educator in Massage on this technique. Linda Wilson of Texas, travels all over the U.S. offering this course on “Skinny Massage.” She is very knowledgeable in the technique of a body contouring system call Lypossage™. Linda has developed her own techniques after years of training and experience. She came to the Chicago area in the beginning of 2013 for this training course. She demonstrated how to use standard massage strokes and cupping massage, along with pacific techniques for this treatment. This technique improves circulation and causes skin to become softer and release rigidity over time. It is a great addition to spa menus.

Once you schedule to start this package with Marguerite, you will receive a free consultation, to share your weight loss and skin care goals. Marguerite will then recommend the best routine to accomplish these goals using safe, healthy supplements, skin care products, dry skin brushing, proper intake of water, healthy diet and her body contouring massage treatments.  Then you will receive your body contouring massage. It is a 30 minute treatment. Women have different levels of cellulite and the treatment is different for each level.

Benefits of this package:
– The massage strokes help skin become smoother, toner in appearance.
– The special massage cream tightens, tones and firms the skin and help rid toxins and inflammation.
– Cupping technique is included to help lift connected tissues, improve circulation which helps the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.
– Dry skin brushing also helps the blood flow and rid toxins through the skin.
– Drinking half your body weight in ounces of water with help flush out the system and improve this total program.
– Include natural herbal supplements to help you stay regular, along with other suggested products jumpstarts any weight loss program.
– The herbal body wraps help the appearance of skin, smoothing out cellulite, along with tighten and toning the skin. Women and men see the difference when they take “before” and “after” photos. You can wrap the tummy area, arms, thighs and even the sides to reduce “love handles.”
– A healthy diet and exercise is also recommended.
– Colon Therapy also rids the body of excess waste and toxins, safely and comfortably by a professional Colon Therapist recommended by Marguerite.

Marguerite received her massage training at Soma Institute, in Chicago in 2011. She also has an extensive background in natural remedies and herbs as a Certified Herbalist. She is very knowledgeable on how herbs work and how to properly use them.

If you are in the Chicago area and interested in receiving this treatment contact LMT Marguerite Wright at: 708-232-8970 or If you are interested in learning more about offering these services at your salon or spa you can contact Marguerite for details.

Her private spa is located at 1818 Ridge Road, Homewood, IL.

You can purchase your own dry skin brushes here:

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