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OurPatented Formula Colloidal Silver testimony…

My daughter Leah’s testimony (January 2014)

Leah is back to her beautiful self, thanks to Silver Shield!

Leah is back to her beautiful self, thanks to Colloidal Shield!

The flu bug appeared yesterday –  Fever, head throbbing, sore throat, etc. I try to stay away from medicine that simply masks the problem. I opted for our patented formula Colloidal Silver which is a natural antibiotic that DOES NOT kill good bacteria like the antibiotics our doctors prescribe. In less than 24 hours I feel almost back to normal!! Silver Shield is an odorless, tasteless liquid which is perfect for people like me who dislike swallowing pills!


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Female issues/Fibroid tumors

I am excited to report my client contacted me this evening saying she had good news. She had been seriously following my natural program to rid fibroid tumors to avoid surgery. I explained the full program to her that included a 90 day colon cleanse, liver cleanse and more herbs to help shrink fibroid tumors and balance her hormones. She followed all my instructions and 6 months later she had a ultrasound done and the doctors told her she hardly has any signs of fibroids! She was so happy and so was I to hear the news. Contact me if you want help with any female issues including fibroids, endometriosis, hormone imbalance, PCOS or any other concerns. You can now come to my location in Homewood, IL and get a ZYTO Compass scan reading.


Here is another great testimony from one of my sorority sisters:

I suffer from debilitating pelvic pain too. mine associated with endometriosis, don’t trust prescription drugs so my relief comes from herbs…i.e. black cohosh, dong quai, wild yam, ginger root, chamomile, Siberian ginseng, lavender, peppermint, and lemongrass essential oils.


The list of herbs and essential oils can all be purchased on my site at:


For Asthma



Here’s the latest testimony…

“It works better than the steroid inhaler my doc tried to put me on for a month a couple of years ago when I had moved and ran out of ALJ – just so busy…soon as i got it, got off the doc stuff and went back for my re-check.”

She listens to lungs, “Oh, inhaler must be working great.”
me: “No – not taking it”
doc: “WHAT? confused look…”

Showed her herbs – flabbergasted….

Love it!

– April L.


I LOVE AL-J liquid!!!!! My son started with Asthma and was on 2 different kinds of inhalers when he was 6 or 7 yrs. I used the AL-J every 2 hrs or sooner if he needed it. He is now 15 and still uses AL-J liq. He takes it in his back pack when he plays sports, fishes, etc.. if he feels any tightening of his lungs he just opens his bottle and gives it a squeeze as he needs it. I do not have to tell him to use it, even when he was younger he ran around with his own bottle and used it as needed. He has not had an inhaler since he started on this product. I tell anyone who will listen or who asks what he is using at his sporting events. And have helped LOTS of other kids too.

-E. Timberman

(Al-J comes in capsules or liquid)


More on herbal supplements for respiratory and allergies

“The goodness of Nature’s Sunshine! Our friend came here a couple of weeks ago – took Histablock – no cat problems. Talked to a lady today and gave her info for her daughter – liquid ALJ – sent them both your way.”

April is a happy client who had success in dealing with the respiratory system with herbal supplements Histablock and ALJ and is always sharing the benefits with others.

April of Ohio



Testimony from my own little granddaughter with patented formula Colloidal Silver !

My daughter Moya came to visit us from out-of-town. Her beautiful little daughter Moriya (2 years old) was dealing with a sinus infection and runny nose. I started giving her Silver Shield and we saw the difference so quickly. Moya ordered more and continued to give it to her.

Here is her testimony:

I just gave Moriya a tsp before bed!!! This stuff really works and I HIGHLY recommend it for any one!!! This is the best!!!! And she takes it without a fuss, unlike all other meds i give her!!!

(More of our patented formula Colloidal Silver testimonies below)

Granddaughter Moriya

Granddaughter Moriya


Herbalist shares personal testimony on LUPUS:

I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE 16 years ago and discovered that if you clean up your past (blood, colon, liver, cells, tissues) and re-build your weaknesses through (system cleanse), diet, herbs, vitamins, minerals, etc. – your body will do what it was designed to do – Heal Itself! My testimony is that I’ve never taken a medication for Lupus or anything else – Glory to God, and you can do the same. You see it all the time, when you get a cut, it heals itself.  – Knowledge is Power!

Medina Nance, Chicago

Medina Nance has a local TV show in Chicago that airs every Weds., at 10 p.m., Channel 21 and has helped many people reverse health issues and get off meds. (Read next testimony from one of Medina’s clients)


Testimony dealing with Sarcoidosis

I’m HEALED from Sarcoidosis. I was taking Prednisone. Taking system cleanses, herbs and vitamins helped ME. Taking medicines helped, but taking system cleanses, herbs and vitamins changed my health. I’m grateful that illness is behind ME. Thank you Mrs. Nance for the Herbal teaching. What a difference this has made in my health.

M.W. of Chicago 🙂


Testimony on DIABETES

“I was diagnosed with Diabetes in March of 2008 and started taking Metformin. I met Medina Nance in July of 2009 and thats when I started a 90 Day (System Cleanse) program to rid the Diabetes by cleansing the blood and system as well as an herbal to balance my blood sugar naturally. 30 days into my program, my blood sugar was registering very low because I was still taking the Metformin too. I started to ween myself off the meds and 60 days into my program I was completely off the Metformin and my blood sugar was balanced – without the drugs! I lost 20 lbs, felt great and am still to this day off the meds. My doctor said that I would have to take this med for the rest of my life. I thank God for natural health & healing, drugs may have helped, but they didn’t restore my Health & Vitality. The System cleanse helped me change my diet & lifestyle, which Medina told me would keep me in good health”

– Barbara M.

NOTE: Contact herbalist Marguerite Wright here under CONTACT if you want the details to this program.


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Certified Herbalist Marguerite Wright
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Testimony on Diabetes

Read how this man got great results thru diet change and Nature Sunshine herbal supplements –

I was found to have diabetes type 2 last April. After doing some personal research, checking with Mary Jane L., a nutritionist, I embarked on an aggressive new diet -totally eliminating all forms of sugar…

Read the rest of the testimony HERE


Get Your Health Going!


I’m loving the Thai-Go drink. I have so much energy, better focus and clarity. Great stuff. This product is awesome.

– Benita, Hawaii


I take Fibralgia from Mother Knows Best. It’s cut my severe pain levels and pain killers (from Fibromyalgia) down to half of what they were. I have seen an increase in energy and an overall decrease in pain. I trust Mother Knows Best for my own personal health. It’s our greatest gift. She has dramatically improved my health. I am definitely buying more products in the future. It works. She cares. What more can I say?

– Crystal-The voice of Fibromyalgia


Mother Knows Best is the best experience I have ever had when I want to detoxify my system or improve my health naturally!! She is honest about everything and will never have you take something you don’t need!! I have tried the 14 day Dieters Cleanse and was completely impressed with how well it did. I am looking forward to expanding my experience with different herbal remedies from her. You will be so very happy that you have chosen Marguerite to be your herbalist, so give her a try!!

~Much Respect~

– Coach Marla, Texas


Marguerite Wright is an Herbalist who is not only knowledgeable, but she also genuinely cares about her customers. When I was searching for some herbal products to buy, she didn’t try to sell me a bill of goods. She took the time to see what my needs were and then made a recommendation. She also followed up to make sure we were satisfied with the products. Someone might say good products can sell themselves but that’s not true. You need someone who exemplifies what it means to offer top-notch customer service and that’s what Marguerite Wright does. Mother does, indeed, know BEST!

– Beverly M., North Carolina


If you are looking for an herbalist, I highly recommend Marguerite Wright. This lady is awesome and she provides very good services. She is very professional and knowledgeable. When I ask her to assist me with my health she recommended a colon cleanse called “Cleanstart“, based on what was ailing me. And I can tell you she was there for me as I did my 14 day cleanse. If I had any questions she was there to answer them. And she provided me with encouragement and support. I love Natural Sunshine Products and my herbalist Marguerite.

– Tally Green, Georgia


Our patented formula Colloidal Silver Testimonies…

NEW VIDEO with Dr. Gordon Pederson
Colloidal Silver Patented, FDA Approved

MUST SEE VIDEO with Dr. Gordon Pedersen

Many benefits from this product!!! Contact Marguerite for more details…




Hello and Bow Wow!

pepperMy little Shitzu grand-doggy, Pepper, who’s soon to be 8 years old, has very sensitive skin. For most of her life, she has had problems with breakouts. The doctors could not find the right diagnosis so would prescribe numerous type drugs for her that really never resolved the problem, and give expensive shots. We changed her diet to remove beef byproducts as well. And no more rawhide chewies!

Well, after my last Prednisone prescription failed, I though I’d get a refill until they said it was $52.00!! I took her to the Animal Clinic and we waited our turn. She gained 2.04 lbs in two weeks from the previous medicine, Prednisone. I was not pleased so I refused to refill her medicine, told them I was a Certified Herbalist and Wellness Coach and was going to give natural remedies a try. Natural is workin’ for me, why not her.

Since learning about the Our patented formula of Colloidal  Silver and heard it was used on horses, I said, well, now it’s gonna get used on Pepper! I bought the gel and liquid. I put liquid (a couple drops) in her water and today, some down her throat. It goes right into her blood stream and affects the cause. I put gel on her pretty little tummy to keep the bumps away! She is bump clear at present and I am continuing to watch and give her the Colloidal Silver. At one time she was so broken out, it looked like doggy chicken pocks! So needless to say, I am excited with the results, and Pepper is more at ease too.

Our patented formula Colloidal Silver is a wonderful product! I am so glad we can share and learn more about the natural way to help solve ailments. I take it too to maintain oral hygiene – I use it as a mouth wash but I swallow it instead of wasting it!

Hope you find this interesting and helpful!

Terri Rainey, Certified Herbalist, Calif.


Herbalist Marguerite Wright suggested that I take Our patented formula Colloidal Silver in an attempt to clear up cold and sinus problems I was experiencing. Not only did this herbal product clear up the respiratory problems, but it also got rid of a complexion problem I had been trying to clear up for several years. I had two very large pores that would fill with pus and at one pint filled with a clear liquid and became an unsightly growth on my forehead. While taking the Our patented formula Colloidal Silver the two pores cleared up and are almost not visible at all. Thank you Marguerite and Colloidal Silver!!

– Jan P., Detroit, MI

Mother Knows Best and Always Will!!

Watch this video and hear more testimonials:

Youtube video with Dr. Pedersen


Yes, There’s Help for KIDNEY FAILURE!

Read the exciting testimonies a fellow herbalist shared with me.

“I thank God for knowledgeable sisters like Medina. I was in intensive care for 3 days and in the hospital for 12 days. My kidneys shut down and I was put on dialysis. After running numerous tests, the doctors and kidney specialists had no answers as to what caused this to happen. They suggested I had to have a transplant. I was on dialysis about 9 months when I met Medina. She put me on a program taking capsules and juice twice a day. Just a few months later the doctor noticed that my kidneys were responding. My dialysis sessions were lowered from 3 times a week, to twice a week, and now down to once per week. If I continue to improve – I SOON WILL BE TAKEN OFF DIALYSIS COMPLETELY! I can never thank you enough Medina for your help.
– T. Hayden, Chicago


D.W. has had diabetes for 15 years, as well as high blood pressure and has had open heart surgery. The doctor then informed him that his kidneys had become inefficient and that he might soon have to go on dialysis. After taking one bottle of a supplement for kidney maintenance (with a unique formula designed to maintain the body’s delicate fluid & mineral balance controlled by the kidneys), he received excellent results and was encouraged to continue using it.
– D.W.
(Note: This was the same formula that was used by T. Hayden)


“I have had at least two of my friends to take this wonderful Urinary Maintenance, 9 per day, with 400 iu Vitamin E, 3 per day along with Hydrangea, 20 per day, and their urinary infections cleared up within a week. One had a blockage in the tube between the kidney & bladder that 5 years earlier had to be taken care of surgically. One would get chronic bladder infections every six months. They were amazed!”
– Karin Taylor

Read this article about the rise in deaths connected to kidney failure:,0,2253536.story

Yes, there is help to prevent and treat a wide variety of Kidney and Urinary problems “Naturally” without toxics side effects: Kidney Failure, Urinary Tract Infections, etc. Call Today:



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