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Amazing story on changing diet for Heart Health Month!!!

Posted by | February 16, 2017.

We can all learn from this story. I’ve been hearing of too many people in my community dealing Heart Attacks, Strokes, receiving Stents to help open arteries. Check this woman’s story out…


NEWS ALERT!!! Do NOT eat canned food

Posted by | January 9, 2017.

Emergency News

Radio 1 FM announced that Thai govt confirmed:

Emergency notification: Do NOT eat canned food especially those canned fruits manufactured in thailand . There were 200 over HIV carriers instructed by their leader to contaminate the products of the canned food factory with their blood.
The information was confirmed by the government this morning. In order not to let the people get infected after eating, many types of canned food such as longgan, lychee, rambutan and mango pudding had been removed from the shelves of supermarkets.
Please send to people you care. Prevention is better than cure! Please don’t take canned food from Thailand. Pls take note!?Please forward to anyone sharing is caring!!



Get ready for 30 day challenge – YouTube

Posted by | December 16, 2016.


I’m loving the Live Streaming available through Periscope and Facebook Live. I did a double streaming cast on both live streams, reaching out to folks on my Facebook group – 90 Day Challenge to Fine, Fit & Fierce and Periscope to encourage all my group members and anyone else who might be interested to get set up to change over to healthier habits, food upgrades, and detoxing. I am creating a 30 day planner that my group and printout and set up a healthy plan by creating healthy meal choices, fitness goals, affirmations and more.

If you want to join us click on the link to my Facebook group or send me a message and I will keep you posted. Let’s prepare for the 30 Day Challenge in 2017!!! We will be accountability partners for each other, motivate each other and share health tips.



Praying for Kanye West – Emotional health

Posted by | November 25, 2016.



Rap artist Kanye West has been in the news quite a bit lately after his breakdown during his concert in Sacramento, California. He was hospitalized for dehydration and sleep deprivation this Thanksgiving weekend.

Even though he is a world renowned rapper and producer, he is our own son, friend and cousin here in the Chicago area. His mom was a well known instructor at Chicago State University and we all will never forget the news around this time of year nine years ago when she passed away. Kanye has never been the same, of course, after losing his own mom, who I am sure, was his inspiration and “go to” for comfort and support.

As the BET report mentions below (see link), this situation with Kanye West’s psychiatric conditions may help bring mental health awareness to the forefront, especially for the Black Community. As an herbalist, for emotional health I try to include supplements to support the nervous system like our vitamin Bs. Herbs and natural cleanses for the Liver is important too. Because the Liver is the organ of emotions, based on Chinese medicine. The specific emotion linked the liver is anger. So keep the liver healthy. Chinese Mood Elevator is a good herbal Chinese Medicine for emotional health. It helps promote the sense of health and well-being. Lastly, using Aromatherapy for emotional health is a secret more are discovering. Using different essential oils have benefits to help emotions such as anger, grief, depression, sadness and fear. Just inhaling the oils sooth, relax and help people regain a calmness. Add positive affirmations and breathing techniques effectiveness. One of my favorite oil blends include: Refuge Calming blend, INSPIRE Uplifting blend, CORE Balancing blend and of course Lavender and Frankincense is calming. Neroli is an anti-depressant.  Check my website below…

Recommended Herbs from listed below:

Liver Balance

Liver Cleanse

Vitamin B Complex

Chinese Mood Elevator

BET Update:


Call or text your Herbalist, Marguerite for questions and a personalized program – 708-232-8970.

Is your aloe gel made from the real plant?

Posted by | November 22, 2016.

News report states the Aloe Vera gel you buy in your local drug stores like Walgreens and CVS has no signs of the real aloe Vera plant.


This another reason I love the high quality and integrity of Nature Sunshine Products. I feel confidant their Aloe products is the real thing.


Watch the video…


SHOP AT for all your natural supplements.


Don’t miss the great deals I am offering

Posted by | November 21, 2016.

I am grateful for my clients and very thankful that I can do what I enjoy for a living. Being self-employed can be challenging at times, but I truly love being an entrepreneur.

Please checkout the deals I am offering to my local clients in the Homewood, Illinois area. Come get a relaxing massage and let me help you with any issues massage can help such as tight shoulders, neck, painful knees, hips, feet. You just let me know where you need the healing touch. See the TESTIMONIALS clients have left on my Spa site.

You can purchase my deals and products from my site


Also, checkout this great offer from this amazing artist who has released her 2017 calendar.


Revelation Calendar by MFontaine, fellow Healing Artist and Visual Artist. Her work is amazing.

Go to this link and type in my code: STSPA2017 for 20% OFF!!!



Using Peppermint oil helps headaches!!!

Posted by | November 10, 2016.


One of my clients who comes every month for massage therapy recently told me she is so happy she learned about Peppermint oil. When she first came to my spa (located in Homewood, Illinois, a small suburb south of Chicago) she received a ZYTO Compass Scan that reads the body. With this simple device it lines up oils, supplements and other health products with her body. With her reading she learned Peppermint oil is a good oil for her. She began to use the oil regularly, diffusing the oil through her house and inhaling the oil. It helped her breathing and congestion. She told me she no longer has bad headaches since using the oil.

Peppermint oil also helps digestion and relieve muscle spasms. It helps with excess mucous and respiratory infections. It even helps with morning sickness.

Nature Sunshine Products carries top quality essential oils. They have a fabulous line of single oils and special blends.

Purchase your oils today at my Nature Sunshine online store:

If you live in the Chicago area and interested in getting a ZYTO Compass Scan call or text me at: 708-232-8970

ALERT – Meningitis cases in Chicago area. Try this…

Posted by | November 3, 2016.



Photo source:

The purpose of this blog is to keep readers updated in health tips and remedies. Today I personally learned about two Meningitis cases in the Chicago area. The first thing came to my mind is a product I talk about regularly here on my health blog – Our patented formula of  Colloidal Silver, a patented and FDA approved product, that was used in Africa to help fight Malaria and STDs. I highly recommend this as a way to prevent catching viruses such as Meningitis. It strengthens the immune system.

The disease spreads through the sharing of saliva and spit, such as in kissing or sexual contact. Parents, remind your high school and college students not to share drinks, cigarettes, marijuana or other smoking devices. This is another way to catch Meningitis. It is a potentially fatal bacterial disease.

Other tips to prevent catching diseases such as Meningitis and how to keep a strong immune system is:

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Eat healthier foods (Junk foods weaken the immune system.)
  • Eat organic
  • Take your mult-vitamins and herbal supplements
  • Ask me about my ZYTO Compass Scan for your personalized program to learn which supplements your body prefers. Schedule for your Scan at my holistic spa in Homewood, IL.


Call or text me at: 708-232-8970


Ask me about our Our patented formula of  Colloidal Silver


Start your healthy program ASAP!

Posted by | October 18, 2016.



Clients come locally and visit my holistic spa for health consultations. They can sit down with me, go over what health issues they have or just get on a preventative program to prevent dis-ease and dis-orders. They can get the ZYTO Compass scan which is a simple process that reads the body and lines up what supplements they need through the scan and receive a personalized program. I also do long distance consultations if the client is outside of the Chicagoland area.


I am happy to share any knowledge and information I can. Because I know for every dis-ease and dis-order there is a natural alternative. I recommend healthy lifestyle tips, supplements and sometimes a colon cleansing program. I find the ABCD approach is great. A for Activation, B to Build with the vitamins and nutritions, C is to Cleanse the body and D is the Direct Aids for whatever issue the person is dealing with – Stress, Weight management, STDs, Diabetes and more. My clients continue to follow their doctor’s recommendations. My program just adds the vitamins, supplements and cleansing they may need to enhance their health program.


Recently a client contacted me because he is dealing with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol. I put together a program based on the ABCD approach. After less than a month all his numbers are down and he is continuing to take his supplements, change over to a healthier diet and is feeling better too.


Call me today at: 708-232-8970 to set up an appointment. Right now I am offering a consultation for only $25. Do you know someone who is looking to get on a healthy program? Please share my information.


Marguerite, your Certified Herbalist


Facts you need to know about vaccines!

Posted by | October 17, 2016.



For your knowledge. We do have the choice to vaccinate or not. It is Flu vaccine season and everywhere you turn you see signs and ads – GET YOUR FLU SHOT!!! Rather you choice to get the vaccine or not, do your research and also take other steps to build your immune system strong.


  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Healthier foods (Junk foods weaken the immune system.
  • Eat organic
  • Take your mult-vitamins and herbal supplements
  • Detox and get on a healthy herbal colon cleanse. (See me for my recommended programs and ask me about my ZYTO Compass Scan for your personalized program.
  • Call or text: 708-232-8970 or email:


Are Vaccines safe?


Flu shot ingredients and how they are manufactured

Learn more:


10 reasons why flu shots are more dangerous than the flu!


This is a long video but please take the time and watch…

How Vaccines Harm Child Brain Development – Dr Russell Blaylock MD

This video explains to whole concept of vaccines and the side effects and why they aren’t that effective and what they really do. He says 90% of doctors and nurses don’t vaccine their families or selves!!!

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