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Amazing stories to see – people who went over and beyond to save others

Posted by | May 28, 2018.

Momsherbs Healthy Update


The REAL Spiderman saves baby!


One man in France is the REAL Spiderman after he climbs up a balcony to save a toddler dangling off the balcony. He was recently granted French citizenship after that amazing rescue. You have got to watch how he climbed up to save the blessed child. God was with him and the baby!



Woman helps another woman to pullover from a car on fire!


This woman was also a hero or shero when she helped a woman pull over and get out of a burning car. The woman later finds out her car was on a recall list. Many people drive around not knowing they need to bring their cars back to the dealers for repair which is free. You can check and see if your car is on a recall list by getting the VIN number out of the windshield area and go to this website to check:



Small, cozy Spa located in South Suburbs is now offering mobile massage

Posted by | December 13, 2017.

Sacred Therapy Spa is a small, cozy spot hidden in Homewood, Illinois where men and women can come for relaxing massages and other spa treatments such as hot stones, herbal body wraps, aromatherapy therapy massages using quality essential oils and deep tissue massages if needed. Lots hard-working men and women look forward to their massage treatments after a hard day’s work. Some sit at computers for long hours, others are teachers, nurses, drivers, and other jobs that affect the body and can cause stress, tension and tight muscles. Some are caregivers taking care of others for long hours. People who are into fitness, including weight lifting, cardio and running have sore muscles, aches and pains and love the special treatments they get from Marguerite, the main therapist at Sacred Therapy Spa.


Marguerite has been a licensed Massage Therapist for over 6 years. She has been into Aromatherapy and Herbal medicine for even longer. She decided to establish her own private practice after working at various spas downtown Chicago and various mobile massage assignments. She loves attending to her own clients now. It is very rewarding when she relieves stress, pain, anxiety and more and watch her clients leave satisfied, relaxed and ready to return on a regular basis for more! She sees the power of the healing touch and prays God continues to use her hands for healing.


In the upcoming year Marguerite’s goal is to build some mobile massage contracts. She has a database of other Licensed Massage Therapists that she has worked with in the past. Some who are extremely talented in the field. She hopes to line up some assignments where Therapists can bring their mobile massage chairs into corporate locations and small businesses to help employees achieve some relief from tension from the work day. Mobile massage is becoming more popular on the workforce. Teachers need some stress relief on their jobs. Plus, with the database Marguerite has and is continuing to develop she hopes to provide Therapists at spa parties, Pop-up shops, trade shows, conventions and even if couples would love to have Therapists come to them. It is all in the works now.


Go to and read her great reviews.


If you would like to set up something where Therapists could come to your work place or event contact Sacred Therapy Spa. You can call or text to 708-232-8970.


Remember massage for your employees helps:

  • Mental clarity
  • Decrease anxiety and mild depression
  • Relieves headaches
  • Muscle aches
  • Helps carpal tunnel and tendonitis

And much more!

WATCH THIS – then decide on flu vaccine

Posted by | November 16, 2017.

Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny makes it plain on this video…



We all remember the Swine Flu scare back in the early 2000s. I wrote this post back then, but it still helps us today in understanding vaccinations…


First, I would like to thank Dr. Sheri Tenpenny for all she does to help people become more aware. I attended a very revealing and informative webinar Thursday night, April 29th presented by Dr. Tenpenny. After seeing tons of headlines on the Swine Flu I could not miss the webinar that Dr. Tenpenny set up just days after this all hit the news. The discussion of many deaths connected with the swine flu and its spread across the map has many people beginning to panic. Dr. Tenpenny’s webinar helped me to understand what it actually means when they say the situation in going from Level 4 to Level 5. The difference phases help the government to be able to try to set up enforced mass vaccination. The concern with vaccines is that there is no proof that these vaccinations will protect the people from the Swine flu. The webinar pointed out that studies have revealed that present flu vaccinations promoted especially for the elderly and young children works no better than a sugar pill. Do your research on vaccinations and if they really work. Dr. Tenpenny has lots of information on her site. She is one of my top friends on my myspace page – http:/
She points outs things about vaccinations that make you say “hmmmmmm:”

* Vaccines are not responsible for the eradication of diseases, such as polio and smallpox.
* Vaccines have not been “proven” to be safe.
* When a vaccine is called “effective”, it is not the same thing as being “protective.”
* There are no true double-blind, placebo-controlled studies used in vaccine research. The new, investigational vaccine is compared against a vaccine with a “known side effect profile.” Therefore, “control group” is given a “placebo” that is another vaccine, not saline, sterile water, or no vaccine at all.
* Vaccines are not “relatively harmless”…as thousands have been injured and have died, as a result of vaccination.
She has a Coalition against mandatory vaccination, read more on her site:

Simple steps can protect you and your family against the swine flu:
1.    Wash your hands frequently.
2.    Make sure your children get their proper rest, 10 – 12 hours of sleep is needed for young children 12 and under.
3.    Get your children off the hand held games and video games for a while and out in the sun for fun, activities and vitamin D.
4.    Make sure they take their vitamins and minerals and stay on a healthy diet. Avoid white sugar.
5.    Drink plenty of pure water.
6.    Take vitamin D supplements.

Mother Knows Best’s suggestions:

Our patented formula of Colloidal Silver.

  • Vitamin D
  • Probiotics

Stretches for Sciatica

Posted by | November 3, 2017.
Find Sciatica Relief with These Simple, Effective Stretches
Courtesy of: Pain Management & Injury Relief

AMTA’s National Massage Therapy Awareness Week & YouTube

Posted by | October 25, 2017.

It is Massage Therapy Awareness Week – Oct. 22-28, 2017

Here is 25 Reasons to get a Massage:


Checkout this awesome massage…

#Massagetherapy #Chicagomassage

FOLLOW ME for upcoming Health Classes!!!

Posted by | September 6, 2017.

Your Certified Herbalist, Marguerite AKA Momsherbs



I have been planning to start back offering Holistic Health Classes and in the upcoming weeks you can sign up for some great classes, along with my FREE Health Chat every Monday evening on Periscope.


Upcoming Classes and Events

EVERY MONDAY, 7:30 PM, Central time
Free Health Chat

discussing popular topics on Natural Health.
(Email your questions –
@Periscope and @Twitter
(Follow me there at @momsherbs)

Sept. 17
Holistic Health Online Class – Beauty from Within –

A holistic approach to Health and Wellness for Women
An holistic approach for Women caring for their bodies from the inside, and live a healthier lifestyle, to have a healthy glow and appearance on the outside. They will learn herbal remedies
for preventative health
cleansing and detox
Food upgrade to live a healthier life, helping hair, skin, brighter, healthier eyes
Sexual Health tips for Women (PMS to Hot Flashes)
 (Women of all ages).
Paypal –


October 22nd
Essential Emotional Healing – Using Essential Oils and Flower Essences!
Taught by
Lorrie Hargis
a Registered Aromatherapist and Certified Flower Essence Practitioner.

Live Streaming via Satellite to
Chicago area / Hosted by Marguerite Wright, LMT, CH
At the Iwrin Center
18120 Highland Ave, Homewood, IL 60430
Limited time offer:
Discounted payment has been extended
$75.00 until Sept 21st, 2017!
After that $100
Plus, pay $12 to reserve your spot for the Satellite class.
Call or Text: 708-232-8970
Limited space. Register by contacting me to hold your spot!!!


Your Massage Therapist & Certified Herbalist,
CALL OR TEXT: 708-232-8970


Posted by | September 4, 2017.

I’m preparing for an live Health Chat tonight on @Periscope where I will share health updates on holistic tips and info. Plus, my main topic will be – What to Avoid to live Healthier!

Follow me on Periscope and Twitter @momsherbs. I will be live at 7:30 pm, central time/ 8:30 pm, eastern time.

If you miss it live you will be able to catch the REPLAY on my Periscope and Twitter pages.

Plan to join me weekly for my Health Chats.

Don’t forget to stretch!

Posted by | August 15, 2017.
Photo by qute -

Start your day off right!

I always tell my clients who come for massage therapy that they need to stretch between their massagappointments  massage. They will really benefit from that. Even if they workout regularly at the gym or take cardio classes, run, or bike. You still need to stretch, before and after your workout. With my clients in mind I want to share some of my favorite youtube videos I use to stretch. Stretching releases lots of tension, stress and I love the way Yoga reminds you to focus on your breathing. Here is one for each day of the week. (These are all short videos about 10 to 20 minutes).















The Upcoming Galaxy Note 8 phone

Posted by | July 2, 2017.

The New Galaxy Note 8 looks really cool. Lots of cool features. I love my Note 5, so I know the Note 8 is going to be DA BOMB!!!



Do you have a holistic program to rid Herpes?

Posted by | June 23, 2017.


What do you think is one of the most popular programs people contact me about? As an Herbalist and Health blogger I have people contact me pretty frequently to learn about natural alternatives for various health conditions, but I think one of the top requests is a natural program to rid the Herpes virus.


After studying Holistic Health and Herbal remedies for over 20 years now with some of the top Master Herbalists in the midwest and all over the U.S. I have a strong passion in sharing what I have learned to help others. Knowledge is Power and I love sharing the knowledge about herbs and how they help the body heal itself. It all started when I discovered an Herbalist in Chicago named Medina J. Nance. She was able to rid her body of Lupus by following a natural program that included colon cleansing and other supplements and lifestyle changes. I was so excited to learn all I could because I had an aunt who I loved dearly suffering with Lupus. It took a long time to figure out what her illness was. My aunt always had itchy skin rashes and was easily irritated by different foods. She eventually ended up on Kidney dialysis. Unfortunately, she died from complications of Lupus. I also lost an uncle who suffered from Diabetes and ended up getting his leg amputated. In the words of singer Marvin Gaye, I related to his song “What’s going on!”


I took many of Medina Nance’s local herbalists classes and workshops here in the Chicago area and I researched all I could about herbal supplements and their benefits. I even taught some online courses myself to share this valuable knowledge. I knew that herbs were God’s forgotten foods. Even the scripture talks about how herbs are for the healing of man:

And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. – Genesis 1:29


The other incentive that made me want to learn all I could about holistic health is knowing how the African-American community is plagued by so many diseases and disorders. I wanted to find a better way than harsh medications with all their side effects, amputations and other serious surgeries for my community. I found out we have to be our own doctors. We need to know all we can about the medications we are taking. Learn the best diet to help deal with Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol and many of the other diseases. We have to manage our diet, exercise and proper nutrition.


I love that my Health blog allows me to share information worldwide and educate others on the benefits of Herbs, but the one article that I shared on a website I wrote for called got the biggest response I ever saw. It was my article on natural ways to rid Herpes. I got calls, emails left and right. It was exciting and sad at the same time. I was sad that so many men and women had contracted the Herpes virus. I spoke with many people and shared an excellent program that includes supplements and herbs to help the body strengthen the immune system, help with stress, cleanse and detox the system plus, a special herbal formula one Chinese Herbalist created to kill the Herpes virus. The formula is used for cold sores, canker sores and herpes infections. The key to this program is to stick to it. Changes will not happen overnight. Sometimes with this program and other herbal programs give it at least 90 days to get the full affect. Many people I came in contact with did not continue the program.


Recently another Master Herbalist posted a Facebook Live video and he shared how one man had tested positive for the Herpes virus. After doing his recommended Herpes program six months later he tested negative. This is one of the many testimonies I know of on how people got rid of the Herpes virus. Stop and think – it is a virus. Your body can get rid of the flu virus or the HPV virus so, it is possible to fight and rid the Herpes virus also. Many Herbalists and Naturopathic doctors have helped people get rid of Herpes.


It takes a special mindset to get on a holistic program to fight various diseases and disorders and strengthen the body. Also, it is important to stay on a preventative health program. I could share so many wonderful testimonies. This is why I have a passion in what I do.


I am available to speak to by phone, or video chat and share my knowledge on the wonderful benefits of herbs.


Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. Psalms 51: 7


For details on holistic programs and herbal remedies contact me today.


Marguerite Wright, Certified Herbalist


Call or text: 708-232-8970

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