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Keep Silver Shield on hand for Asthma and more…

Posted by | July 20, 2015.

large-silver-shieldThis product continues to amaze me with all it’s amazing benefits. Go to my NSP site to place your order. Nature Sunshine runs specials frequently with Silver Shield liquid and gel.


Here’s the latest with Silver Shield…

One of the most interesting reports coming from the study of Silver Shield is its effect on asthma. Several people have reported that the silver solution taken orally can stop asthma attacks. One individual who reported that he has suffered from asthma since he was five years old and had to take broncho-dilators six times a day, said that he started taking the solution for a deep chest cough and was surprised when after about 10 days his asthma attacks completely ceased. He reported that he was taking two teaspoons of the solution every three to four hours during the day when the attacks stopped. He then stopped taking the solution to see if it was really Silver Shield that helped the asthma. The asthma recurred after three days. He then restarted taking Silver Shield and again the asthma got better. After taking the initial dose for about a month, he cut his use to one teaspoon in the morning and one at night. That was sufficient to prevent the recurrence of asthma attacks.

Athletes Foot:
Spray directly on the cleaned infected area and let dry. In addition, saturate a clean sock over the infected area and wear as usual. Gel may also be applied.

Burns and Cuts:
Spray Silver Shield directly onto the wound. Leave uncovered and wet for 5-20 minutes per application. Apply one to three times per day, depending on severity. Personal reports suggest that the burns and cuts will heal very rapidly. One little girl had splashed scalding oil on her face and had a large burn area. Her mother sprayed the solution directly on the burn twice daily and left it wet with the solution for 15-20 minutes. The girl showed an 85%-90% recovery within two weeks. Six months later, there was virtually no visible scarring on the girl. (The gel works great for this, also! I recently had a very bad kitchen burn and it healed beautiful with NO SCARRING!)

Cankers and Other Mouth Sores:
Take approximately one tablespoon of Silver Shield for at least five minutes. Repeat this two to three times a day. Noticeable improvements within 24 hours have been commonly reported. (Gel can be used in the mouth and placed directly on the sore.)

Diabetic Neuropathy:
Because of impaired circulation, it is common that for diabetics cuts and scratches heal more slowly. Taking Silver Shield appears to shorten healing time and also to reduce pain in the exremities. The solution should be both taken internally (1-2 tsp per day) and sprayed directly on affected areas two to three times daily.

Diaper and Other Rashes:
For diaper rash spray affected area with Silver Shield at each change of diaper. Leave wet and put on new diaper. For other skin irritation and rashes, spray affected area and leave wet for at least five minutes. Repeat two or three times per day. Expect improvement in most cases within 24 hours. (Gel works best for this.)

Ear Aches:
Most ear infections are caused by Steptococcus pneumonia or H. influenzae bacteria. Silver Shield has been proven to kill both organisms. Lie down on bed or couch with affected ear facing up. Place five to seven drops of colloidal silver in ear. Remain in this lying position for a minimum of ten minutes, preferably for at least 30 minutes. Repeat two or three times per day. Noticeable improvement has been reported in as little as 24 hours.

Eye Infections:
The US EPA has reported that silver is neither an eye or skin irritant. Silver has also been used in the eyes of newborn babies for over a hundred years because of its ability to combat eye infections. Spray or drip a few drops of the 12 ppm silver solution into the eye, two to three times a day to combat infection. Good results have been reported within 1-3 days. The new silver solution has also been used to alleviate sore or tired eyes, use the same as directed above. I actually prefer to use the gel in the eye, rather than the liquid, because it “stays put”.

Take one tablespoon of Silver Shield by mouth two to three times per day. Hold the solution in the mouth (gargle, if possible) for three to five minutes before swallowing. Provided one takes the colloidal silver at the onset of the flu, noticeable improvement has been reported in one to three days. If the flu has become entrenched in the body, improvement is slower.

Food Poisoning:
The Silver Shield has been proven to kill six types of bacteria that commonly cause food poisoning. Drink one ounce of solution at onset. Positive results have been reported in as little as 10 minutes, and as long as three hours.

Fungus Infections of the Feet:
A well-regarded veteran, east coast podiatrist treated one patient with mycotic toenails with Silver Shield. The results were sufficiently impressive over a four-month period that he has begun treating others with this solution. File the shine off the toenail (to increase porosity) and then spray the solution directly on the infected toenail or apply the solution directly with a cotton ball. Repeat two to three times daily. (Gel can be used also.)

Silver Shield Gel is highly effective on hemorrhoids.

Inflammation of the Joints:
Laboratory personnel have noted that in addition to its ability to kill bacteria and inhibit the growth of yeasts, Silver Shield is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Researchers have suggested that this may be one of the reasons that the pain from conditions like earaches and canker sores recedes so quickly. In order to informally test this theory, one researcher donated a bottle of Silver Shield to a young woman suffering from fibromyalgia, which causes a painful swelling in the joints and also the muscle tissue. She reported that after using one teaspoon per day of the solution for one week, she was able to reduce her joint pain medication by 90%. She claimed that almost all the swelling was gone from the joints and also that her energy level had dramatically improved.

Insect Bites:
Excellent results have been reported using Silver Shield to alleviate the burning and itching of insect bites and stings. Relief from a multitude of different bugs bites have been reported including, mosquitoes, spiders, hornets and even blue centipedes from Hawaii. Spray the affected area or pour on the affected area for 10-15 minutes, three times a day. Good results have been reported in as little as 30 minutes.

Spray on rear of throat and gargle with at least 1 tablespoon three to four times per day. Expect relief in two to three days. If the laryngitis is accompanied by a sore throat, see the section on “sore throat” below.

Nursing mothers may be hesitant to take antibiotics while nursing their babies. It has been reported that one teaspoon of Silver Shield four times a day has cleared up mastitis in two days.

Sinus Infection:
Irrigate with one-half to a whole teaspoon per nostril, three times per day. Relief can be noticeable in 24 hours, with complete remission often occurring in two to three days.

Sore Throat:
Both the antibacterial and the anti-inflammatory properties of Silver Shield may play a role in its affect on sore throats. Take one to two tablespoons, gargle for four to five minutes, and swallow. Repeat tow or three times per day. It may also be helpful to spray or drip some solution into the nasal passages. Reports indicate noticeable improvement with 12-48 hours.

Silver is the number one treatment for burns across the U.S. One doctor has been using Silver Shield for over a year to treat radiation burns on his patients, and has reported outstanding results. Success has also been reported using the product for sunburn. Spray the affected area with the 12 ppm silver solution, leave the solution wet on the skin until it dries. Repeat 2-3 times in the first 5-6 hours after occurrence. Relief has been reported in as little as 4-12 hours. (The gel is great for this.)

Tooth Decay:
In laboratory tests Silver Shield has been proven to kill two of the primary bacteria implicated in tooth decay. Take one or two teaspoons, circulate the solution in your mouth for four to five minutes. Then swallow. (You can also brush your teeth with the gel.)

Urinary Tract Infection:
A woman who had a recurrent urinary tract infection for five years, reported that antibiotics would appear to kill the infection, but that it would reappear soon after she stopped taking the antibiotic. She took two teaspoons a day of Silver Shield for ten days and her doctor told her that the infection had cleared up completely. In laboratory tests it has been shown that Silver Shield has been able to kill seven different types of bacteria that cause urinary tract infections.

Vaginal Yeast Infection:
Take 1 teaspoon by mouth three times per day and use four to six teaspoons of Silver Shield in a six-ounce douche twice a day. Users have reported that infections have cleared up in as little as two days. (The gel works great for this!)

Also SEARCH Silver Shield on my blog for previous posts with other great information on Silver Shield

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Silver Shield products on SPECIAL – February 16-23, 2015

Posted by | February 18, 2015.
Top NSP product - Silver Shield.

Top NSP product – Silver Shield.

Silver Shield on special until the end of the month for all Nature Sunshine members and if you aren’t a member yet just place your first $40 order at and sign up for the FREE membership. I wanted to rerun this top list of great uses with this product!!!

Silver Shield is one of my favorite products that my website offers. I personally have seen the benefits of using Silver Shield for myself and my family for viruses such as strep throat, sinus infections and gum infections. Read more TESTIMONIALS on my site on what Silver Shield has done for folks and their pets too.


Here is a list of 10 great uses of Silver Shield

1. Vaginal Yeast Infections: Women are thankful for Silver Shield because it fights yeast and bacterial vaginosis and even HPV! No need for antibiotics. Add ½ bottle of Silver to a Douche syringe bulb hold for 10 minutes then release. Do this for 3-5 days, once a day, then apply a quarter size amount of Silver Shield Gel to a tampon and insert. This process will clear up female infections, safe and naturally. It doesn’t even upset the normal balance of the beneficial bacteria. This is great news for many women dealing with this.

2. Herpes outbreaks: Apply the Silver Shield gel directly to herpes outbreaks and let it absorb into the skin. This has been used as a successful method to control herpes outbreaks quickly.

3. Ear Infections: Fill the ear canal with Silver Shield liquid drops in infected ear twice daily and let set for around 6 minutes. This will clear up the infection and help relieve pain!

4. Eye Infections (Pink Eye or Viral Eye Infections): We know how easy Pink eye can spread, Silver Shield can be a savior in clearing this up quickly by applying a few drops in the eye. Add drops up to 5 times per day as needed. This is a good reason to always keep Silver Shield on hand.

5. Strep Throat: Gargle with Silver Shield for about six minutes then swallow. Do this every few hours and continue to gargle twice a day for 5 days more. Safe enough for young children.

6. Food Poisoning: Take 2 tsp. hourly until symptoms subside.

7. Acne breakouts: Apply the Silver Shield gel on the blemishes to kill the bacteria festering in the pores. The gel can also be applied as a general application to the whole face after washing. Allow to set on face to seep in the pores, then apply moisturizer. This will help fight acne and helps with anti-aging.

8.  Viruses: Use Silver Shield when you have been exposed to any illness, including the swine flu. Take 2 tsp. twice a day. Helps build immune system and fight viruses.

9. For airplane travel: Apply Silver Shield gel in nostrils and use as a disinfectant by rubbing on hands. The Silver Silver gel is 3 ounces, so it should be allowed on airplanes.

10. In the home: Silver Shield comes in handy for disinfecting the countertops and on mold, including black mold. Dilute 1 ounce of Silver Shield to a spray bottle and fill with water then spray.

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8 Nutritional supplements that support a healthy intestinal system

Posted by | August 19, 2014.

13 Super Brain Foods – by Nature’s Sunshine

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For the ladies: Health Alerts, Tips and Remedies

Posted by | August 7, 2014.
Photo by qute -

Ladies, get healthy!!!!


One of the main topics I like to share is Women’s health. My sisters face various health challenges from teens and PMS to menopausal issues. All ladies want to check out this alert that was emailed to me recently:

Awareness about some new and possibly dangerous developments in the women’s health community with hysterectomy surgery.

Power Morcellators, a device commonly used in hysterectomies (the 2nd most common procedure for women in the US), have recently come under scrutiny from the FDA. Power Morcellators are used to cut tissue into small pieces to be removed from the body. The problem occurs when the targeted tissues carry undetected cancer, the cancer is then spread within the abdomen and pelvis. Many women are battling uterine cancer as result of Power Morcellators being used during their hysterectomies, and shockingly, the average life span following accidental morcellation of sarcoma is only 2436 months.

In late July, one of the largest manufacturers of power morcellators, Johnson & Johnson, issued a voluntary return of the device. They’ve determined the procedure to be too risky, and decided to permanently remove all existing devices from the market.

I received this alarming notice from Outreach Coordinator at the American Recall Center who asked me to help spread the knowledge on this information.

I can share natural remedies that may help women avoid hysterectomies some times. Contact me for details.

Natural home remedies for your vajay

The topic of vaginal issues such as yeast infections and dryness has come up recently so I wrote this article for

Ladies seek information on natural remedies for things such as yeast infections. Other ladies at “that particular age” need help with vagina dryness. Is there anything natural to help these sensitive situations? Yes, there are remedies that are safe, with no side effects. You can treat these conditions at home with a few simple steps. Aromatherapy and herbal supplements have many benefits for these issues women face.


One last note:

I will be joining my mentor Medina J. Nance and others in the Candida Challenge mid-August. Right on time during my 90 day challenge to drop some LBs. If anyone wants details on this program

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The Candida program is to rid Yeast/Fungus/Candida
from the System. For years Medina and I have promoted the 90 day colon cleanse to cleanse the Blood, Liver, Colon, Cells, Tissues and encouraged others to do the same, as this is not only Prevention (if done right), but also, treatment to help the body to “heal itself” and/or not become drug dependent, come off the daily use of prescription meds.
Candida is present in everyone’s body, but is a “silent creeper and killer”, it manifests itself differently in people.

Don’t forget to contact us if you want to join us. The cleanse consist of:

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Hope the rest of your week goes great!


Week’s reflection – Create your reality

Posted by | July 19, 2014.
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I met with my Life Coach, Tanya Smith this week. She helped me create my Vision board. I have learned so much from her, from the first time I met her when she came to me for massage therapy. Fast forward several months and now we both have offices in the same suite and able to both use each other’s services. One thought she passed on to me was “CREATE your reality.” This was an eye opener for me. I have been working on fulfilling my goals and dreams, but to think of it as creating my reality gives me so much more POWER in what I am trying to achieve. When I think back on things, I have been creating my reality. I wanted to help others in holistic health and wellness. I’ve written many articles, along with my health blog. The articles have reached people all over the world and now people email me, text me, Facebook me and Instagram me for information on health and wellness (I love Social Media). Popular health topics include:

– Sickle Cell

– Natural remedies for Herpes

– Female issues such as natural programs for fibroid tumors

– Anxiety

to name a few.

With my health blog I have been reaching people worldwide for over 5 years. I have been a Massage Therapist for 3 years now. I am creating my reality, helping people de-stress, get healthy and stay fit. Now, working with my Life Coach and I also have a Business Coach, Regina Jackson, I am coming closer and closer to the reality I want to create. My holistic business is growing at a nice pace. I have gained some wonderful clients through word-of-mouth along with the DEALS and SPECIALS I run on DEAL sites and my website.

Ladies love sexy wraps – blasting away all the cellulite and stretch marks!!!

I sent an e-blast earlier this week. See the link below incase you missed it. I explained the different levels of cellulite and the best program you want to do to rid cellulite. Ladies are loving the “Sexy Wraps.” 

If you want to “Create your Reality” on health and other aspects of your life contact me. If you would like to know more about my Life Coach and Business Coach, I would be glad to share their information.

Reach me at: momsherbs@gmail or call/text at: 708-232-8970.

Enjoy your weekend and remember to rejoice in the day the Lord has made and be glad in it!


Week’s reflection – God help me use my talents

Posted by | July 11, 2014.
I am adding special touches to my private space a little at a time.

I am adding special touches to my private space a little at a time.

As we whine down another week, I have been able to rest and rejuvenate this past week. It’s has been a really busy time for me lately. Actually, since finishing Massage School in 2011 it has been a journey, through it all I’ve learned a lot. I had to sort out in my mind what is really the best route for me to take to use the knowledge, gifts and talents the Lord blessed me with. So this week I rested, I reviewed the past few months to see how I have done with my business, what goals did I actually reach. Now going forward, what do I need to really focus on next.

My prayer this morning was for God to help me use the talents he blessed me with. This is really what we all need to do, try and use the talents God blessed us with. It is terrible when talents go to waste. I try to keep my children motivated in using their talents and help them bring their talents out. What if Stevie Wonder, Steve Job or Jamie Foxx never used the talents God blessed them with (just to name a few that came to mind)? Using our talents makes it a better world. Many people have told me I have gifted hands as an artist and now as a massage therapist. This is very rewarding, but building a business to a level to achieve the finances needed and keep steady is challenging. I just continue to study the best business practices, I have a business coach now and I am working part-time at a downtown spa to make ends meet until I am able to run my private practice full-time.

I appreciate all the support of my regular clients, friends, and family. I am open to any feedback you may have. Continue to follow my health blog, e-blasts, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin and Instagram. Social media is a great tool in staying in touch with clients and meeting new ones. It has really helped me to share with the public what I have to offer.

Ladies are loving the Skinny massage and the herbal body wraps.

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Have a blessed weekend and remember – We ALL have a purpose on this earth, pray to God that He uses you for your purpose!!!! PEACE!!!

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