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6 Mistakes when trying to Live a Healthier lifestyle and How to Avoid Them

Posted by | February 7, 2016.


I am working on a support group from my Periscope video chats and my Facebook group – 90 Day Challenge to Fit, Fine and Fierce (Click on group title to join). We chat on these type of topics regularly.



  1. Not managing your Constipation
  2. Not drinking enough water
  3. Not working out
  4. Not taking your quality vitamins and supplements
  5. Not eating 4 or 5 small, healthy meals each day
  6. Not finding your circle of support to keep you motivated



  1. Do a good herbal colon cleanse every season. The 90 day “Granddaddy Cleanse” is best. Contact me for full details. I also suggest the 2 week Tiao He Cleanse with Chinese herbs to help detox, balance and rid the extra waste. The ParaCleanse is another good one to rid nasty invaders.
  2. Start a routine where you drink about 8 to 16 oz of water when you first wake up, add lemon if needed. Then drink another serving of water right before you start your work day. Take in your third serving of water in the middle of the day and then end the day with your last serving of water. That will start your regular routine of drinking plenty of water. Also download the the app – Water Your Body (Previous blog post)
  3. Find something you love doing, from dancing to your favorite tune for an half hour and build up to one hour, get a great workout video. Join a Zumba class or walk in your area with your music to help keep the fast paste.
  4. Do your research, make sure you purchase quality products. Contact your Certified Herbalist – Marguerite for more tips for the best vitamins, minerals and supplements for your body (Nature Sunshine Products are my fav). – Call or text me at: 708-232-8970. Download Periscope and join me there. I’m @momsherbs.
  5. Plan your meals in advance. I recommend a good protein meal replacement drink to start the day such as Love & Peas by Nature Sunshine, add fresh fruit for extra flavor. Order your protein drinks and supplements at:
  6. JOIN our Facebook group – 90 Day Challenge, Fine, Fit and Fierce. If you are in the Chicago area inquire about our 13 week health challenge that will be starting soon in Homewood, IL. Both places we will share recipes, health tips and more. Come to my spa and get weighed in weekly, learn your metabolic age, hydration level and more with the Bio-tracker.


If you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle and staying on track with healthy meals, vitamins and supplements and working out but sometimes you seem to just fall off join us. We chat weekly on Periscope and on my Facebook group – 90 Day Challenge to Fit, Fine and Fierce. The group is growing and my regulars are joining me on my chats on Periscope regularly. Support is the best. We can inspire each other with:

  • Sharing our favorite workouts such as classes in our area or our favorite workout dvds
  • Sharing our recipes
  • Share our achievements: weight loss, keeping on our programs, and more
  • Share uplifting scriptures, affirmations and quotes.



Cool Black History Fact – Designer Zelda Wynn Valdes

Posted by | February 3, 2016.

How to save money and have a healthy family

Posted by | February 2, 2016.


Tips for you in saving money and earning money too!!

I have been in holistic health for almost nineteen years now. I can’t believe it myself, but when I first signed up to be a distributor with Nature Sunshine Products my son was in a baby carrier. He is now taller than I and in his first year of college.

First: I became a distributor, promoting the herbal colon cleanse I still sale to this day, along with all of NSP’s 300-500 products. Second: While working a full-time job I sold the products on the side. I also took courses to become and Certified Herbalist in Chicago, under Medina J. Nance. I added the knowledge of Aromatherapy to my resume also because I love all the wonderful benefits of essential oils. Third: I later set up my own health blog and I’ve been blogging since that time (five or six years ago). Forth: After a few job layoffs in the Print Graphic industry, working for publishing companies and newspapers I decided to take my holistic health passion and turn it into a full-time profession. I went to school to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. It was challenging considering I was almost 50 years old at the time, but I completed the 11-month program at Soma Institute of Chicago.


Now I have my own space where I have clients who come in for massage, herbal body wraps and my ZYTO Compass scan that can read my clients and help them get on a personalized program with Nature Sunshine Products, including Essential oils, Flower Essence for emotional health and the other supplements the body reads for. We will be starting an INFORM Health class soon, which is a weight management 13 week class, with support, weekly weigh-ins and more in Homewood, IL, a south suburb of Chicago.







Join Nature Sunshine and become a member where you will save 30-40% from retail prices on all the herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals, colon cleanses, essential oils, flower essence and more, plus you can go on to become a Distributor and higher levels to earn A monthly commission.

You don’t have to be a Certified Herbalist, just believe in the top quality products and share with others.




I have also taught Online Certified Herbalist courses in the past and had others join me around the U.S. and beyond to sign up in the Nature Sunshine business. I plan to offer the online Herbalist course this summer. Comment below on my blog or email me if you are interested in becoming a Certified Herbalist and want to take my online course then I will keep you updated.




This month save with supplements for HEART HEALTH

If you take meds for heart health you need to take Co-Q 10 also. Meds can strip the body of the Co-Q 10 our bodies produce. It’s on SALE this month!! (Nature Sunshine offers weekly promotions where you can save, along with earning a commission check when you order a certain amount of products per month. (Feel free to contact me for details).


Go to and search PROMOTIONS


More savings:
How to make a week’s worth of vegan meals for under $30 from Trader Joe’s


Let’s remember all the ancestors who fought, suffered and built America with blood, sweat and tears during Black History Month!!!!



Check this video for stretching + pressure points

Posted by | January 29, 2016.


Here is a youtube you want to save and do regularly in between your massages. I love doing these yoga stretches with E’a, a talented yoga instructor, dancer and fitness expert in the Chicago area. She makes it plain and simple but you will feel much better after these stretches.



Recall on GoGo SqueeZ applesauce

Power Morcellator devices cause serious problems

I learned about these lawyers on Twitter –

Read more information about the Power Morcellator devices used for hysterectomy. Women suffered from severe consquences with this. These lawyers can help.

I mentioned the Power Morcellator on my blog previously:

Ear Reflexology





Customer Appreciation January 27–29

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Go to my site and stock up on your herbal supplements:

Stay tuned for more tips and updates….

Have great weekend!!


LIVE ear candling demo on Periscope

Posted by | January 14, 2016.

20160113_232014Results from the ear candles I used on my son. You can see the extra wax that came from his ears.

I’ve been Scoping daily on Periscope sharing healthy tips, meeting cool people and enjoying myself. I’ve been hooked on Periscope for months now. It was this past summer when I first learned about Periscope. I saw a tweet from Roland Martin from TVOne live from The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Convention in Houston. I was able to watch live as he spoke to my sorors who were attending the convention and I’ve been hooked since. By the way, today – January 13th, is my sorority’s 103rd Founders Day. Happy Founders Day to all my sorors of DST!!! #DST103

Anyway, if you haven’t discovered Periscope yet, you should download the app to your phone or tablet and watch my live scopes. I save my recorded scopes at Follow me @momsherbs on Periscope and Twitter.


See the LIVE Demo of my ear candling of my 13 year old son, Malachi HERE.

Purchase the candles at my amazon store:

Malachi is an amazing artist. Check him out on INSTAGRAM HERE. (Art for sale!!!)

10 reasons you need a cleanse and more…

Posted by | January 11, 2016.

me on periscope



I’ve been scoping all week and sharing a list of reasons you need to do a good colon cleanse. Everyone who follows me on Social Media and my Health blog know I am always talking about Nature Sunshine and their high quality products, including their herbal colon cleanses and para-cleanse. If you missed my live video casting on Periscope – an app you can download to your phone or tablet, you can also watch my recorded videos on Hear the full list of reasons you need to cleanse. It is defiantly a great start to change over to a healthier lifestyle. You hear lots of people talking about cleansing now days. I’ve heard Steve Harvey and his radio show promote colon cleansing. Othere celebrities like to cleanse. It does help you look healthier along with feeling great.

I am offering a package on my Spa website where you get a 30 day supply of the herbal colon cleanse plus a consultation to review the details. Go to:

I will be continuing to do Periscope video chats in the upcoming weeks sharing more holistic health tips and remedies. Follow me @momsherbs.

We will be hosting a 13 week holistic health weight loss program in Homewood, IL. Come out January 17th for the intro class.

Contact me for details. Call or Text me at: 708-232-8970.

Get ready to Cleanse

Posted by | January 4, 2016.

PhotoGrid_1451872181865 (1)


I saw a client who got the ZYTO Compass Scan from me last summer. Later in the year she called me to order her products the scan read her for and start her program. We reviewed her list of products by Nature Sunshine and saw it was a good idea if she did a Tiao He Cleanse and Para cleanse. She also ordered some other products including the great meal replacement Love & Peas.


I saw her recently and she had a beautiful glow about herself. She said she was feeling well and had more energy. She even shared that she noticed some boils that had been irritating her are gone after cleansing. I was so excited to hear about her great results!


I’ve read many clients since I had my ZYTO Compass scan but all the people who actually try the suggested products they read for are always pleased, including myself.


As we go into a new calendar year set up an appointment with me and decide which colon cleanse program you want to try and get started. NSP products are shipped in 2 business days and I review the detailed instructions, including the suggested diet while cleansing. You can also add Essential oils in your detoxing program. Oils help activate, stimulate and improve circulation. Order your cleanse at:


Set your appointment with me at my office Homewood, IL or schedule to talk by phone or Skype.


Call or text me at: 708-232-8970


I will be reviewing more cleansing tips on Periscope too –


Highlights from MKB health blog in 2015

Posted by | January 3, 2016.



Sunrise in IllinoisSunrise from a road trip after I visited Illinois State University to do some Chair massages on campus.
My husband and I saw this beautiful sunrise on the way back home.



Blogging offers a whole other way to report about hot topics in holistic health. I love blogging. Using social media is a fast and exciting way to share “the latest news.” As a health blogger and writer for Examiner I love social media. I use Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and now the app that Apple named the number one new app for 2015 – Periscope.

I wanted to share the highlights from 2015 with some of my hottest topics. Let’s look at my social media adventures as I reported herbal remedies, vaccine updates, health alerts and promoted my private spa in Homewood, Illinois, Sacred Therapy Spa. I tried to build the growing list of tips and remedies from A to Z on my blog.

After being on Twitter for over 8 years @momsherbs is followed by heavy hitters like @barackobama, The president Barack Obama,  @MCHammer, Motown singer @SmokeyRobinson and Chicago newspaper @RedeyeChicago. I have 3,543 followers. My @momsherbs Twitter account has been added to several Twitter lists such as Aromatherapy, Holistic/Homeopathic pros and more. @DoctorsTV showed me some love on Twitter when I posted a picture of me and my doggie Sammy. Sammy and I walk regularly for fitness. I am learning how to work the hashtags to attract more readers and get my information out to a broader audience.

This social media platform is just a great spot to share my holistic health images related to my herbal health business and holistic spa in Homewood, Illinois. I’m not too far from Chicago if you are looking for a nice cozy spot for massage therapy. Check me out at

In 2015 I shared a tour of my spa on video. It was live on Periscope. Those videos last about 24 hours on my Periscope account. I uploaded the video to YouTube also to share. I also posted other interesting youtube videos in 2015 on topics such as:
– Rave diet
– Getting rid of Psoriasis with raw foods
– Ear candling demo
I now offer ear candling at my spa in Homewood. Clients are loving this treatment to clear extra wax in the ears.

I scoped about my favorite health products, cool health apps and more. I had to share my favorite meal replacement drink I order through Nature Sunshine called Love & Peas. It is so delicious. It gives me so much energy. I have a page to save my Periscope videos on. Go to and see my product review. I also talked about a cool app that helps you remember to drink enough water each day – Water your body. I plan on doing more Periscope video casts about herbal remedies, healthy recipes, product reviews, cool health apps and more in 2016.

Health app review – Drink your water

Get the Periscope app on Google Play store or Apple App Store then follow me at

Examiner articles:
In 2015 I got lots of emails and calls from people who came across my blog and Examiner articles. The biggest response was from these topics:
– Herpes
– Sickle Cell
– Fibroids
People are pleased to be able to learn more able natural remedies for these health issues. I always share information for educational purposes only. I recommend my clients deal with their health professional for diagnosis. Thanks to the internet I not only offer personal health consultations from my Homewood, Illinois location but I work with clients over the phone or video chatting on Skype and Google Hangout. No matter where people are located we can talk and I can help them get on a personalized program to fit their needs. They can order top quality products from my Nature Sunshine site For more details in scheduling a consultation go to:

My favorite techie gadgets:
I am a fan of Android and Apple with my Samsung Note 3 and an Ipad mini. I can’t wait to upgrade to the Note 5. Both devices are helpful, so I never miss a tweet or good scope on Periscope. I now have my selfie stick and tripod for live video casting. My daughter Leah always tags me on Instagram to share a funny gram. It is nice to get a good laugh to break up a busy day. Laughter is the best medicine. Social media can be so addicting, but it is also a great way to promote business, good networking opportunities and more. People can check in through Facebook and Swarm when they come by my spa for their massage.

For more updates from Chicago Health Blogger, Marguerite aka momsherbs follow her on:

In 2016 watch for more holistic health articles to keep you updated on the best herbal remedies, vaccine updates, health alerts along with product reviews and some cool health apps. I will be sharing ways to do natural colon cleansing and detoxes for the new year. Watch for my live video casts on Periscope.

Nature’s Sunshine Product Quality – YouTube

Posted by | December 22, 2015.

As a distributor and manager with Nature Sunshine I am very grateful I can present a line of products I am confident in. Nature Sunshine Products is based out of Utah and has been around since 1972. Established by the Hughes family, who started encapsulating capsicum in their own kitchen. All their products are manufactured in-house.

I have been with NSP almost 19 years. I gained my training through courses I took in Chicago, IL. I also have attended many seminars and webinars presented by Nature Sunshine. This company offers excellent training.

If you are seeking high quality
– nutritional supplements
– weight loss programs
– colon cleanses and detox programs
– essential oils
– flower essence

Nature Sunshine carries the best! This company also offers business opportunities.

After watching this video you will also be more confident in this company.

Feel free to contact me at: 708-232-8970 (Call or text) with any questions.

Read the Testimonials on my blog at this link:

The gift of Aromatherapy

Posted by | December 21, 2015.

Nature Sunshine gift pack

If you are looking for something special to give someone, consider Aromatherapy. Top quality essential oils made from plants and flowers are available through Nature Sunshine products. They have many benefits including helping to relieve stress, balancing, stimulating and improving the overall health for men and women.

By inhaling the scent of the oils from diffusers and adding a few drops on your pillow it will activate the system. Also massaging the oils directly into the skin, using a base oil such as Grapeseed oil, Coconut oil or a variety of other oils. Massage into the bottom of your feet at night is a great way to relax.

If you want to relax the mind, body and spirit get some quality essential oils and learn how to use Aromatherapy properly. You can find some good books on Amazon.

See the promotions Nature Sunshine is offering for the Holidays. Go to my NSP store and search PROMOTIONS.
Nature Sunshine is one of the top companies offering essential oils, herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals and flower essences. They’ve been around from over 40 years.

See some nice diffusers on my Amazon store:

See my past blog posts on Essential oils to learn their benefits and how to use them:

Nature Sunshine has excellent shipment – you will receive your orders in 2 or 3 business days!


Make it a GOOD WEEK!!!

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