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90 day weight-loss challenge & spa treatments to try

Posted by | March 30, 2014.
I wrapped my arms and tummy.

I wrapped my arms and tummy.


I’ve been promoting the herbal body wraps for a while now. I have tried the wraps before myself. They really work. But, now I am about to “put my money where my mouth” is as they say. It is time to show people better than tell people about the wonderful body wraps and other health products by It Works. Today I started my 90 day Weight-loss challenge. The cold winter in Chicago is over, spring is in the air and it is time to shed some pounds. Sometimes you just have to dive into a program and just do the best you can.

- I can’t join a health club – workout at home.

- I need more wraps – use the wraps I have and order more.

- I don’t have enough veggies and fruit in the house – make more runs to the store and re-stock each time I get low.


The body wraps actually tighten, tone and firm the skin. The natural ingredients helps rid toxins and inflammation and cause the fat cells to shrink. People ask questions like:

- How long will the results last?

- Is it water weight?

- Have you tried it?

Now I will share my 90 day journey with my followers. See how the wraps help me as I wrap regularly throughout the next 90 days. Then you will see how long the results last. Like any weight-loss program constituency is important to stay fit.


We even started a support group on Facebook to keep each other motivated, inspired and share healthy recipes. One member already shared a great book I am about to purchase - 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 10 days.

So if you think you are interested in doing a 90 Day Challenge, then let me know. Order your wraps, products and join our Facebook group.

You can order the produces at distributor’s price by becoming a Loyal Customer.

The Loyal Customer program is an affordable way to get the wraps and do this 90 day program. You can purchase any products by It Works at the discounted price. Set up your autoship and you can get ANY product you choice for 3 months with no extra charges for being a Loyal Customer.  After 3 months you will be a Loyal Customer there after and can order all products at the LC price with extra perks!!! You can cancel your autoship at any time after your first 3 months and come back whenever your choose at the wholesale cost forever!!!

(If you cancel your autoship before your first 3 months you will be charged a one-time $50 fee.)

So, sign up, get wholesale prices, earn perk points and stick to your 90 day challenge program.

Sign up for the Loyal Customer program at:

Call or text me with your questions 708-232-8970.


Checkout my latest articles on and learn about some different Spa treatments to try this Spring and see why everyone is talking about Madonna’s Instagram pic…

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Madonna displays her hairy armpit on selfie 

Looking for a romantic gift for mate? Sensual massage oils

Posted by | February 11, 2014.
By artist Fred Matthews -

By artist Fred Matthews –

This is month of love and everyone is talking about gifts for your lover. If you keep up with Valentine traditions or if you want to give your mate a special gift just because you love him or her so much, sensual massage oils are great and a nice massage is always a winner. A: It is always nice to receive a gift that someone created just for you. B: The gift of touch is unique, special and something we all need. Learn how to put together a special blend of essential oils to create a massage oil blend you and your mate. My favorite essential oils are by Nature Sunshine Products. You can purchase right at my online store. Read my article below for instructions on blending the oils and some massage tips.

My latest article for for Chicago Spa Treatments Examiner is:

Explore sensual massage for couples

(click on headline above to read full article)

For all dealing with the #polarvortex stay warm. I am praying for warmer weather!!!

FYI – you can purchase gift certificates thru paypal on my website for the gift of massage also.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Marguerite, LMT

My latest testimony using my ZYTO Compass scan

Posted by | January 31, 2014.


My client gets relief from a dry cough after her ZYTO Compass scan

My client was having a dry cough she couldn’t get rid of. Doctors put her on Asthma meds, but she didn’t feel better. She came to me, got the scan, she purchased her supplements by Nature Sunshine products from me, then called me about a week later feeling so much better! Cough was gone!!!

I scanned her under the Respiratory category and it gave her a list of supplements supporting her respiratory system. She was very pleased with the results.

The ZYTO Compass scan is so helpful and very accurate. I encourage all my clients to get the ZYTO Compass scan, even if they are coming for a massage. I can scan them and learn which essential oils their bodies prefer and using those oils enhances their massage. My clients are so pleased with the personalized Aromatherapy massages.

If you are in the Chicago area schedule an appointment with me to get a ZYTO Compass scan reading at my Homewood office. If you live outside of Chicago but would still like to try this scan a Virtual Satellite Clinic is available. You can be located anywhere in the world! Contact me for details.

My clients gained a personalized program for various issues such as:

- Fertility issues
- Fibroid Tumors, cysts and Endometriosis
- Menopause
- Children with ADD, ADHD, biopolar, etc.
- Hair loss
- Sarcoidosis
- Cancer prevention
and other conditions

Read more about the benefits of the ZYTO Compass scan in my latest for Chicago Holistic Examiner.
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Holistic therapies for beauty enhancement and anti-aging


Fighting the flu bug, or want to prevent ever catching it, naturally?

Posted by | January 26, 2014.


I am always ranting and raving about Nature Sunshine’s Silver Shield. This patented formula of Silver kicks germs and viruses right in the butt!!! I have many testimonies about it on my TESTIMONIAL page here. Read my latest testimony by my beautiful daughter Leah. Her job has her working around little ones all day at a daycare center, so germs are flying everywhere. Soon as she started feeling bad she knew to grab a bottle of Silver Shield….

Leah is back to her beautiful self, thanks to Silver Shield!

Leah is back to her beautiful self, thanks to Silver Shield!

Leah’s testimony (January 2014)

The flu bug appeared yesterday -  Fever, head throbbing, sore throat, etc. I try to stay away from medicine that simply masks the problem. I opted for Silver Shield which is a natural antibiotic that DOES NOT kill good bacteria like the antibiotics our doctors prescribe. In less than 24 hours I feel almost back to normal!! Silver Shield is an odorless, tasteless liquid which is perfect for people like me who dislike swallowing pills!

Purchase your bottle of Silver Shield right on my online store. NSP also has Silver Shield gel which works well on cuts, burns and open sores.


Also, read my latest article on I share popular holistic treatments celebrities love for health and beauty like cupping, acupucture, colonics and even the ZYTO compass scan… (click on headline below…)

Holistic therapies for beauty enhancement and anti-aging

Read about the beauty treatments of the stars – Golden Globe awards

Posted by | January 13, 2014.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Kerry Washington is blessed with the natural glow as a mom-to-be and unique beauty. She graces
the red carpet of the 2014 Golden Globe Awards.

I love fashion, beauty treatments and of course, spa treatments. Now we get to enjoy all the red carpet fashions, starting with the 71st annual Golden Globe awards, then on to more awards shows including The Oscars.

I posted the beauty treatment to the stars, highlighting some of the popular spas the stars go to in Hollywood and the treatments they love. Read the full article on my Chicago Spa Treatments section on

Click on the link below to read:

Contact me for more information on my Body Contouring treatments and herbal body wraps I offer at my private spa in Homewood, IL. Call or text: 708-232-8970.

Marguerite, LMT



I love what I do – Check out my coaching sessions & interview

Posted by | January 6, 2014.

Health consultation

I feel blessed to do be able to do what I love for a career. I love to share natural health information through my blog and I love serving my clients as a Massage Therapist and Certified Herbalist. I also enjoy doing workshops, webinars and coaching sessions. I am now starting up a 3 session Coaching workshop for people who are interested in learning on how I’ve built my business online and tips on doing Health Consultations. I will start the first session on the last Sunday, January 24, 2014.

To register go HERE.

Stay tuned for my workshop in February on Romantic Aromatherapy blends for you and your mate.


I was interviewed recently by Wellness Modalities.


Have a great week and
stay warm for all of us dealing with this cold weather.



Start 2014 with Body Contouring massages and 90 day weight loss program

Posted by | January 3, 2014.
Body Contouring Massage now available at Sacred Therapy Spa.

Body Contouring Massage now available at Sacred Therapy Spa.

Announcing a new service at Sacred Therapy Spa, Homewood, IL

Licensed Massage Therapist and spa owner, Marguerite Wright is now offering a package that includes 3 body contouring massages that you will receive per month, herbal body wraps and suggested natural weight loss supplements that all help you reach your weight loss goals. She will be offering this full package at her private spa in Homewood, Illinois starting in January 2014. She put this package together at an affordable price. You can receive all of this starting at a little under $100 per month. You will also qualify for discounts for colonics by a professional Colon therapist located in the south suburbs of Chicago. With this combination of services and products you will be able to detox the body of extra waste and toxins, along with a special massage that helps tighten, tone and firm the skin. Marguerite uses a special botanical formula massage lotion that has ingredients that helps the appearance of skin, causing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks to look better. The natural ingredients includes green tea leaf, eucalyptus, and seaweed extract. Women are so pleased with the results when they get these 30 minute massage treatments.

Marguerite was trained under a National Certified Educator in Massage on this technique. Linda Wilson of Texas, travels all over the U.S. offering this course on “Skinny Massage.” She is very knowledgeable in the technique of a body contouring system call Lypossage™. Linda has developed her own techniques after years of training and experience. She came to the Chicago area in the beginning of 2013 for this training course. She demonstrated how to use standard massage strokes and cupping massage, along with pacific techniques for this treatment. This technique improves circulation and causes skin to become softer and release rigidity over time. It is a great addition to spa menus.

Once you schedule to start this package with Marguerite, you will receive a free consultation, to share your weight loss and skin care goals. Marguerite will then recommend the best routine to accomplish these goals using safe, healthy supplements, skin care products, dry skin brushing, proper intake of water, healthy diet and her body contouring massage treatments.  Then you will receive your body contouring massage. It is a 30 minute treatment. Women have different levels of cellulite and the treatment is different for each level.

Benefits of this package:
- The massage strokes help skin become smoother, toner in appearance.
- The special massage cream tightens, tones and firms the skin and help rid toxins and inflammation.
- Cupping technique is included to help lift connected tissues, improve circulation which helps the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.
- Dry skin brushing also helps the blood flow and rid toxins through the skin.
- Drinking half your body weight in ounces of water with help flush out the system and improve this total program.
- Include natural herbal supplements to help you stay regular, along with other suggested products jumpstarts any weight loss program.
- The herbal body wraps help the appearance of skin, smoothing out cellulite, along with tighten and toning the skin. Women and men see the difference when they take “before” and “after” photos. You can wrap the tummy area, arms, thighs and even the sides to reduce “love handles.”
- A healthy diet and exercise is also recommended.
- Colon Therapy also rids the body of excess waste and toxins, safely and comfortably by a professional Colon Therapist recommended by Marguerite.

Marguerite received her massage training at Soma Institute, in Chicago in 2011. She also has an extensive background in natural remedies and herbs as a Certified Herbalist. She is very knowledgeable on how herbs work and how to properly use them.

If you are in the Chicago area and interested in receiving this treatment contact LMT Marguerite Wright at: 708-232-8970 or If you are interested in learning more about offering these services at your salon or spa you can contact Marguerite for details.

Her private spa is located at 1818 Ridge Road, Homewood, IL.

You can purchase your own dry skin brushes here:

2013 in review: The hottest looks that drive us to the spa

Posted by | December 31, 2013.
Collage from Examiner article - Getty images.

Collage from Examiner article – Getty images.

As we go into a new calendar year let’s look back at 2013. Which celebrities really motivate you to go get a nice facial after viewing their beautiful skin? Halle Berry is known for her flawless skin. Michelle Obama has those long, lean arms that motivates us to go to the gym. To have a booty like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian is why we join the gym and go to Zumba classes, along with lean legs and six-pack abs like Mary J. Blige displayed on the latest “Shape” Magazine.

On my latest article for the Chicago Spa Treatments Examiner. I made a list of the top celebrities who motivate us to go for our spa treatments and fitness centers to look our best. Click on the headline below to read the full article. Like it if you agree with the list or comment on which celebrities motivate you.

Let’s get ready to get fit and beautiful for 2014. You can schedule an appointment at my new location – The Sacred Therapy Spa in Homewood, Illinois, to get my body contouring massage treatment. It helps tighten, tone and firm the skin, along with the herbal body wraps.  Women are happy with the results and they improve the look of their skin and get rid of cellulite and stretch marks. Call or text me for more details. I am offering a great package now. – 708-232-8970

Read full article by clicking headline below:

2013 in review: The hottest looks that drive us to the spa

That crazy, sexy body wrap – does it REALLY work?

Posted by | December 11, 2013.

Photo from a news report.

I recently ran this interview in my e-blast for my health business because I am getting lots of questions from this herbal body wrap I promote. It’s an awesome product created by a company called It Works Global. I am glad I am a distributor and I encourage my clients interested in managing their weight or who want to improve the appearance of their skin tone to try these products. They offer the herbal wrap called the body applicator. The company also offers a facial applicator, weight loss supplements and skin care. Many men and women are pleased from the results they are getting. The interview below may answer some of the questions you may be wanting to ask…

Interview with Marg


Pictures of that wrap has been posted all over your website and Facebook page – Mama Got Sexy Wraps, does it really work?

Yes. I have studied herbs and natural health for over 16 years. When I first heard about this wrap I had to learn more. I ordered it for myself, checked out the natural ingredients and put it on. It really worked. I lost an inch in the stomach area with my first wrap, 1/2 inch with my second wrap and I’ve been promoting since that time. Men and women are very pleased with their results. The results do vary from each individual. Some drop inches quickly, others have to continue to wrap and even add other natural products by It Works to get the best results. I have also done the skin contouring massage on my clients and saw improvement on the appearance of their skin as soon as I was done.


How does it work?

The natural, all botanical ingredients that is anti-inflammatory, reduces cellulite and helps cell damage prevention. It moisturizes, tones and firms the skin improving the appearance. This is why I tell all my customers to take photos before and after.


How long do you wear it?

You can wrap your tummy, your thighs, arms, chin and even your “love handles.” Keep the wrap on for at least 45 minutes and drink plenty of water for the next 3 days. Measure before and after wrapping. The company that produces this wrap – It Works, also creates a face applicator and some of the before and after pics are amazing.


Does long does it last?

This is a question many people have asked me. I always answer by explaining it is just like any other weight loss program, you have to continue to eat healthy, drink plenty of water, exercise and continue to wrap until you reach your goal size or improve the look of the skin in the area you are wrapping. Also, take a look at the other products It Works offers, such as the supplements to help rid toxins like Regular if you don’t eliminate regularly. The powdered drink Greens is good to balance your pH system. Plus, many other great weight loss and health supplements. It Works carries skin care products also.


What is in the ingredients?

I have a sheet that list all the animal base ingredients in detail that I can share by request, but it has ingredients such as Horse Chestnut, Green Tea, Horsetail and a list of other natural ingredients.


Do I have to come to you to get these wraps?

No. You can order a box of wraps on my website – A box of wraps has 4 body applicators in 1 box. It is very easy to wrap yourself. Just remember to measure, wrap and then drink lots of water. If you want assistance in selecting a full program contact me. I am encouraging my customers to try our 90 day challenge. Any healthy program works best if you stay on it for at least 90 days. It takes 90 days for the body to rejuvenate. Plus, you will have created a habit in doing your healthy routine by then. You can sign up for our Loyal Customer program and get the wraps at the distributor’s cost – 4 wraps for $59.


I am starting my own Facebook support group for all trying to stay on a healthy weight loss program. We can check in weekly, share our highs and lows, pictures and success. It is for all who want to do the 90 day challenge. If you are interested contact me and I will add you to the group.


Any other questions feel free to call, text or email me at:


If you want to make an appointment to come in and get wrapped you can schedule online at, for local clients in the Chicago area.


Don’t forget to checkout the 1/2 price body wrap and massage deal running NOW!!!



Loose the turkey flab – Friday deals!!!

Posted by | November 29, 2013.

Mama got wraps Shay's sisThis photo shows the result from one wrap.

Have you heard about the crazy wrap thing?


This herbal body wrap can be used to wrap your tummy, your “love handles,” your arms, your legs, even under your chin. The natural botanical ingredients helps to tighten, tone and firm the skin. Men and women are loving this great product and it is all natural.

• You can schedule an appointment with me to come get a wrap and/or massage at my Homewood, Illinois location.

• Purchase a gift certificate for the wrap and massage.

• Order products online by It Works for the body wrap (body applicator) and weight loss products at

• Get at discount price by signing up for the Loyal Customer program.

See the ‘before and after’ pictures below for yourself. Results may vary by individual.

Gift packs are available on the site too.

Call or text me at: 708-232-8970 if you have questions or want to schedule an appointment. Shop at home online for Black Friday.




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