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Interview with Coach K

Posted by | February 2, 2009 .

I am happy to post my first blog since my website has been re-designed by my wonderful VA, LaTara Ham Ying of As you can see, she has done a wonderful job and I am learning so much from her. I am still in the process of adding information to the site but I am thankful to now have a site that I can update, blog regularly and post the links to my recent podcasts – Mom’s Healthy Radio Show. Now is one place where you can place your orders for all your herbal, colon cleanse and fitness needs, read my blogs and listen to my podcasts from blogtalk radio. I am so happy about that.

This is truly a time of celebration. Just celebrated KING HOLIDAY, the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and continuing his dream. We are also preparing to watch the inauguration of our first president of color, Barack Obama and watch a Black family move into the White House. It is truly a special time in history. At this time I want to celebrate by sharing an encouraging interview with a special lady by the name of Keesha Washington, better keeshaknown as Coach K. Keesha is a hostess of a great blogtalk radio show Coach K! Talk Radio Show for Women, an empowerment Internet talk radio show that provides spiritual solutions to ordinary and extraordinary life experiences and she is doing a Whole Woman Success blog tour this year. Keesha is based out of Connecticut. I am one of the first people to get the pleasure to interview her on my blog. When you read about this lady and hear her cheerful voice on her blogtalk show she always uplifts you and I think it is so amazing because she has had her share of trials and tribulations with chronic health issues connected to Lupus, but she knows how to take bitter lemons and make sweet lemonade. She had endured and how she has a passion to uplift and empower other women.

Meet her here at this blog interview:

Blog interview with Keesha (Coach K):
1.    Do you believe your life’s challenges were a guide to place you in the position you are in today as a coach, motivator and woman of empowerment?
I believe that life challenges gave me the opportunity to choose whatever direction that I decide to take. Since I was a child, I always wanted to be a teacher, and little did I know back then that I would combine my life experiences to support women in their own paths to living their inner truth.

2.    If you had to do it all over again what would you do differently in your life?
Sounds corny, but I would not do nothing differently. I believe that every person’s life moves in a circular motion, we all have ‘comebacks,’ like the 70’s bell bottoms or the Volkswagen bug car. Just like fashion and trends move through times in a circular motion, each time returning with a bit of a different twist. So to answer your question, 9 times out of 10, I will have to do things all over again, but with my garnered knowledge and rich experiences, I will be able to enjoy a different twist on whatever circumstance that comes my way.

3.    After your year long study of the health disparities of the minority communities what do you feel was the top health issue among minorities?
This is a tough question to answer because from my point of view, the health issues came two fold. The top physical health issue was diabetes and hypertension. With all this information out here that stresses the value of eating, resting and exercising, diabetes and hypertension among African Americans, especially, is still on the rise.
The other health issue was access to health care and health information. We found that minorities that spoke languages other than English had many challenges navigating the health care system, even a simple check up would become a huge production because health care facilities and doctors offices did not have medical interpreters to help explain health conditions to the non English speaking consumers.

4.    Describe the coaching service you provide to women. Is it medical advice or more support and inspiration? You hear the term “coaching” so much these days.
I do not give medical advice; neither am authorized, knowledgeable nor certified to do so. As a wellness coach, I offer my clients the opportunity for them to really focus on their wellness goals, I provide suggestions to help them move pass their limited thinking, and together we celebrate their success as they get closer to their goals. Wellness is such a broad topic, so my clients may work with me on reducing stress, assertive issues, creating and maintaining a fitness routine, and then there are clients who are living with a chronic illness and they can no longer work a full time job, so together we explore other ways to support them financially and provide them with a sense of purpose.

5.    What are some of your methods of making the most out of your health status? How do keep your beautiful, upbeat personality throughout your personal health challenges? I absolutely keep in mind that we all have choices Some choices are like choosing between the less of two evils, but nonetheless we all have choices Suffering is a choice, and I choose not to suffer. Sometimes its hard to realize that something I am doing or not doing is making me suffer, but once it is brought into my awareness, I am faced with the choice to continue or not to. Happiness is a choice too. You must choose to be happy and see the good, and BE the good. I pray, meditate and read inspirational material EVERYDAY.

6.    Do you have a fitness, diet and herbal program you follow besides your basic medical program your doctors have you on? (Include meditation, yoga, walking, whatever). As far as fitness, I walk a lot, and I practice yoga and meditation. Recently, my ears have been perking up to herbal remedies, so in 2009, I plan on taking action towards creating an herbal program.

7.    If you haven’t tried herbs and natural alternatives would ever consider researching it and trying some of the recommendations? Definitely. I am a researcher at heart and I am also an experimenter, once I feel comfortable with the information that I receive.

8.    What are some of your favorite social networks and blogs you use to network with? I know you use blogtalk radio for your radio show, what other sites do you use, such as facebook and myspace? So far, the networks that you have listed are really the only ones that I have time for. I get invitations weekly from different networks, but its hard to maintain so many profiles, it gets confusing.

9.    Tell me about your 2009 year long blog tour called Whole Woman Success. Who are some of the other bloggers you will be visiting? It sounds exciting. 2009 is the year of the Whole Woman! For some many years women have been compartmentalizing themselves to fit into various roles (mom, wife, employee, sister, daughter, etc.) We become so busy looking outside of ourselves for clues for who we are, and will be, that we forget to listen to ourselves. Listen to our bodies when it’s tired or hurting. Listen to our spirit when it wants to soar. Listen to our minds when it wants to challenged. Listen to our hearts when it needs love, compassion and healing.
My goal is to utilize my experience, strength, hope and talent to remind women of their beauty, strength and sheer genus. I am booking least one blog tour interview per month, and so far, your blog has graciously allowed me to do the kick off!

10.    Tell my readers about your blogtalk radio show – Coach K! Talk Radio Show for Women. What is it all about and how long have you been doing it?
The intention that drives this show is to have a fun, informative and inspiring show that will support women in applying spiritual principles and practices on their journey to personal and professional success, happiness, health and wealth.
This show provides spiritual solutions to ordinary and extraordinary life experiences. I invite a wide spectrum of spiritual viewpoints, practices and beliefs, all to better serve my listeners in choosing the path that feels good for them. The live show airs Monday evenings, 9 PM eastern time. I invite everyone to call in with questions or comments! To listen to the show live or to hear previous shows, go to: The shows call in number is:(646)915-8951

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