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Hot Topics: Gallbladder surgery, Natural beauty tips & more

Posted by | March 9, 2009 .


Picture of Terri at Kailua Beach

Last week on Mom’s Healthy Radio show I had a special cohost from California join
me to chat about natural alternatives to liposuction and other beauty secrets. You
see why I invited Terri to be my guest with this topic because she is so beautiful and
must know lots of beauty secrets because she takes care of herself so well. I bet you
can’t even guest her age. She is 61 years young! Doesn’t she look great? Tune in and
listen to us chat on various natural beauty tips. Time flew by, so we will be talking
more on this topic on future shows. Next week we will be sharing some amazing
testimonies from people who followed natural programs for health and weight loss.
Tune in live to my blogtalk radio show every Thursday at 9:30 p.m., central time.
You can download podcast recordings of the shows for your ipod after the live
shows air too.

Check out these links for more great tips and healthy products:
For tru chocolate waifers for weight lost Terri talked about on the show:

This past week’s HOT TOPICS:
One client contacted me because her 81 year old grandmother was about to have
gallbladder surgery and she wondered if she could do something to avoid this. This
is¬†what¬†I¬†shared¬†with¬†her –
Natural alternative to Gallbladder removal:
If she had gall bladder problems before ? having the gall bladder removed will not
stop the problem. Her body will make another little pouch to collect stones in and in
about 2 years it will probably start all over. The Hi Lipase which provides enzymes will help her body deal with fats. Probably using Fat
before meals would also be good. One herbalist passed stones using only Fat
and Hi Lipase.
Gall is produced in the liver and stored in the gall bladder. The gall bladder functions to concentrate the gall (by removing some of the water) and to store it until it is time to use it. The gall is secreted into the intestinal after food enters (especially fats) and does two things: 1) it emulsifies the fats making it easier for them to be absorbed, and 2) it multiplies the action of pancreatic juice by three-fold.

Once the gall bladder is removed, the liver continues to secrete bile which continues to flow into the intestinal tract. The liver can even develop a storage ability thus making up somewhat for the gall bladder being absent. Not having a gall bladder does not have a direct adverse affect on the liver itself.
Bowel Build with every meal is helpful.
Maybe you can start your grandmother with the above products and get her to avoid too many fatty foods. Later it would be good to do a good colon cleanse.

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