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Health Update – May 1, 2017

Posted by | May 1, 2017 .



I am back posting on my blog regularly and I want to share a quick disclaimer:

This blog is for educational purposes only. It does

not diagnose or prescribe. It is recommended you

seek a professional health practitioner for health



With the campaign I have joined – THE URGENCY IS NOW!!! You will see me sharing knowledge more regularly. I am trying to keep myself on point and help others!!!


Last week I was excited to share how nice my skin looks since I’ve been doing my herbal colon cleanse. I’ve been cleansing for almost a month. I have gotten rid of lots of waste, gas and toxins. Each time I commit to doing a 90 day colon cleanse I am pleased with results. I hope to stick to this program for the full 90 days. It is an anti-aging program. It builds your immune system, gets rid of skin breakouts, bumps and rashes, gives you more energy and it even helps with cellulite and other benefits.


Did you know I also have a YouTube along with this blog?

I did a video on how this herbal colon cleanse is an anti-aging program. (See above).

Check it out and subscribe to my YouTube. I plan to add new videos soon!!!


Thanks to having teenaged sons I’ve learned how to create YouTubes. I will never forget when my oldest son was a little boy about 8 years old. He had bought something for his Game boy hand-held game and he was trying to figure out how to work the accessory he bought, so I watched him get on the computer, go to YouTube and another little boy about the same age as him popped up on YouTube and gave him clear directions on how to use his new toy. I was amazed. My sons went on to even create their own YouTube channel! I said “Wait a minute, let me get these little boys to train me!” So now I’ve been YouTubing and I’ve also gained training from a lady name Chrissy of “Chrissy Glam”

She has a successful YouTube channel.” Check her out!


I am having a blast…

sharing information with my blog, social media, videos and live-streaming.

Continue to follow me and hear how my 90 day colon cleanse is going. Feel free to post your comments and questions. If you want to know the full instructions for the 90 day colon cleanse contact me for details. It consists of:


  • Nature’s Three fiber
  • Liquid Chlorophyll
  • Liquid Bentonite
  • LBS II laxative

PLUS you can add the Liver Cleanse


Purchase on my site: Then contact me for full instructions and food upgrade ebook.


Other natural anti-aging tips include:

  • Drinking lots of water daily
  • Dry skin brushing (fights cellulite)
  • Black ointment tightens the skin
  • Essential oils like Frankincense are good for the skin
  • Silver Shield gel helps fight lines like crow feet by your eyes
  • An herbal program for the kidneys help rid bags under the eyes. (Contact me for details)
  • Exercise!


Natural ways to fight Cancer – plus, What you can do while receiving Chemotherapy & Radiation to help you through it

As a woman I am very aware of working on ways to avoid Breast Cancer. I pray for all the women and families who are dealing with Breast Cancer. As an herbalist I know that you can do things to help endure Chemotherapy & Radiation treatment.

Last week I talked about Una de Gato (Cat’s Claw) which is good when undergoing Chemo or Radiation (protects white blood cells, relieves pain, hair loss, nausea, etc.)


More natural herbs:


  • Medicinal mushrooms like reishi, chaga and maitake have compounds called beta glucans that can soothe the internal burns caused by radioactive isotopes.
  • Liquid Bentonite absorb and detox radiation internally
  • Asparagus Root
  • Selenium


Check previous blog posts I have on Cancer and stay tuned for more Anti-Cancer information.


Contact your Certified Herbalist, Marguerite Wright if you want a personalized program.


Rave Diet (YouTube has help fight Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes and more – MUST WATCH…

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