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Posted by | September 4, 2017.

I’m preparing for an live Health Chat tonight on @Periscope where I will share health updates on holistic tips and info. Plus, my main topic will be – What to Avoid to live Healthier!

Follow me on Periscope and Twitter @momsherbs. I will be live at 7:30 pm, central time/ 8:30 pm, eastern time.

If you miss it live you will be able to catch the REPLAY on my Periscope and Twitter pages.

Plan to join me weekly for my Health Chats.

Don’t forget to stretch!

Posted by | August 15, 2017.
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Start your day off right!

I always tell my clients who come for massage therapy that they need to stretch between their massage appointments. They will really benefit from that. Even if they workout regularly at the gym or take cardio classes, run, or bike. You still need to stretch, before and after your workout. With my clients in mind I want to share some of my favorite youtube videos I use to stretch. Stretching releases lots of tension, stress and I love the way Yoga reminds you to focus on your breathing. Here is one for each day of the week. (These are all short videos about 10 to 20 minutes).















The Upcoming Galaxy Note 8 phone

Posted by | July 2, 2017.

The New Galaxy Note 8 looks really cool. Lots of cool features. I love my Note 5, so I know the Note 8 is going to be DA BOMB!!!



Do you have a holistic program to rid Herpes?

Posted by | June 23, 2017.


What do you think is one of the most popular programs people contact me about? As an Herbalist and Health blogger I have people contact me pretty frequently to learn about natural alternatives for various health conditions, but I think one of the top requests is a natural program to rid the Herpes virus.


After studying Holistic Health and Herbal remedies for over 20 years now with some of the top Master Herbalists in the midwest and all over the U.S. I have a strong passion in sharing what I have learned to help others. Knowledge is Power and I love sharing the knowledge about herbs and how they help the body heal itself. It all started when I discovered an Herbalist in Chicago named Medina J. Nance. She was able to rid her body of Lupus by following a natural program that included colon cleansing and other supplements and lifestyle changes. I was so excited to learn all I could because I had an aunt who I loved dearly suffering with Lupus. It took a long time to figure out what her illness was. My aunt always had itchy skin rashes and was easily irritated by different foods. She eventually ended up on Kidney dialysis. Unfortunately, she died from complications of Lupus. I also lost an uncle who suffered from Diabetes and ended up getting his leg amputated. In the words of singer Marvin Gaye, I related to his song “What’s going on!”


I took many of Medina Nance’s local herbalists classes and workshops here in the Chicago area and I researched all I could about herbal supplements and their benefits. I even taught some online courses myself to share this valuable knowledge. I knew that herbs were God’s forgotten foods. Even the scripture talks about how herbs are for the healing of man:

And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. – Genesis 1:29


The other incentive that made me want to learn all I could about holistic health is knowing how the African-American community is plagued by so many diseases and disorders. I wanted to find a better way than harsh medications with all their side effects, amputations and other serious surgeries for my community. I found out we have to be our own doctors. We need to know all we can about the medications we are taking. Learn the best diet to help deal with Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol and many of the other diseases. We have to manage our diet, exercise and proper nutrition.


I love that my Health blog allows me to share information worldwide and educate others on the benefits of Herbs, but the one article that I shared on a website I wrote for called got the biggest response I ever saw. It was my article on natural ways to rid Herpes. I got calls, emails left and right. It was exciting and sad at the same time. I was sad that so many men and women had contracted the Herpes virus. I spoke with many people and shared an excellent program that includes supplements and herbs to help the body strengthen the immune system, help with stress, cleanse and detox the system plus, a special herbal formula one Chinese Herbalist created to kill the Herpes virus. The formula is used for cold sores, canker sores and herpes infections. The key to this program is to stick to it. Changes will not happen overnight. Sometimes with this program and other herbal programs give it at least 90 days to get the full affect. Many people I came in contact with did not continue the program.


Recently another Master Herbalist posted a Facebook Live video and he shared how one man had tested positive for the Herpes virus. After doing his recommended Herpes program six months later he tested negative. This is one of the many testimonies I know of on how people got rid of the Herpes virus. Stop and think – it is a virus. Your body can get rid of the flu virus or the HPV virus so, it is possible to fight and rid the Herpes virus also. Many Herbalists and Naturopathic doctors have helped people get rid of Herpes.


It takes a special mindset to get on a holistic program to fight various diseases and disorders and strengthen the body. Also, it is important to stay on a preventative health program. I could share so many wonderful testimonies. This is why I have a passion in what I do.


I am available to speak to by phone, or video chat and share my knowledge on the wonderful benefits of herbs.


Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. Psalms 51: 7


For details on holistic programs and herbal remedies contact me today.


Marguerite Wright, Certified Herbalist


Call or text: 708-232-8970

Tech update on the Galaxy Note 8 phone launch Aug. 26!

Posted by | June 20, 2017.

Deep Massage Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis

Posted by | May 19, 2017.


Foot pain is not cool!


Guest writer from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine


Plantar fasciitis is the most common pain on the bottom heel of your foot with approximately two million patients getting treated for it every year. Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation, irritation or tear of the group of ligaments that connect your toe and ankle through the bottom of your foot. It can occur because of excessive strain on the ligaments from physical activity and even improper footwear. Luckily there are several ways to help treat and even prevent plantar fasciitis from occurring before surgery is need to repair the ligaments.


When you start to feel pain along your plantar fascia ligament, the easiest thing to do is stop participating in the physical activity that is causing the discomfort. You can also make sure your footwear is providing you with proper arch support and cushion for your activity. This may cause your shoe to be stiffer, but providing proper support will help reduce pain. Icing the area for a quarter of an hour as well as massaging the calf and Achilles heel area can offer comfort.


Once you have made the initial recovery from plantar fasciitis, you should seek a more aggressive treatment to help prevent the reoccurance of the pain. This can include deep tissue massage as well as taping of the area. Deep tissue massage concentrates on applying firm finger pressure to the plantar fascia, Achilles heel and calf muscles. This type of massage concentrates on specific sore areas and has been shown to have definite results in a couple of days.


Deep tissue massages will loosen the muscle tissues, break up scar tissue, remove muscle toxins and help improve blood and oxygen circulation affected by the plantar fasciitis. These massages work, because they physically break down the adhesions that formed in the muscle tissue by overexertion and strain.


People who have a history of blood clots should not participate in deep tissue massage, because the clots can be displaced and flow to areas causing greater problems. Open wounds or prior surgery in the area will also keep you from enjoying a deep tissue massage.


If you want to learn more about how deep tissue massage therapy can improve your overall health and help you reduce pain, check out this article by the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.


Read past blog posts on Plantar fasciitis:


My Holistic Spa is located in Homewood, IL. Schedule appointment with me for your Deep Tissue Massage at:

Tips for Sciatica from your Massage Therapist

Posted by | May 15, 2017.


Your Massage Therapist, Marguerite Wright
(I’m located in Homewood, IL)


Pain from Sciatica is no joke. I’ve had several clients come to me seeking help of massage therapy. I have offered Trigger point therapy to break up the knot in the Piriformis muscle that goes over the sciatica nerve, the longest nerve in the body. This helps to relieve the pain that radiates down the leg from the buttock. Stretching is also very important. I try and share some good stretches to do along with using a tennis ball. (See YouTube below…)


(These are suggested essential oils and supplements for educational purposes. I recommend you review with your health-care practitioner.)


Essential oils to use to massage the area by adding a few drops to a base oil  include:

  • Peppermint oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Lemon oil

Supplements and natural products I suggest are:

  • HERBAL CA – To absorb calcium and magnesium
  • KAVA KAVA – 2-4 daily as a natural muscle relaxant
  • MSM known to enhance cell renewal
  • NONI JUICE is a natural pain killer


I invite you to shop at my online herb shop: for the essential oils and natural supplements mentioned above.


A good Chiropractor can help give relief with adjustments to help align the body.



Suggestions for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from your Massage Therapist

Posted by | May 12, 2017.

I’ve been learning of more and more of my clients dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. According to a study, it was found that Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common nerve compression disorder of the upper extremity. With many people sitting at their computers for long hours, along with various other professions, the wrists get used frequently and it can cause tightness and pain in the carpal area. I normally focus on the carpal tunnel area when my clients feel pain.


The essential oils I found to help open up the carpal area include:

  • Peppermint oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Eucalyptus oil


Along with professional massage, continue self-massage at home, plus other minerals and natural herbal products can help. Give it a month or more to feel the results:


  • WHOLE LEAF ALOE VERA – drink 3 oz. 2x daily, organic sodium is needed.
  • HYDRANGEA – pushes out inorganic calcium
  • B-6 (100mg 3x/day) plus MAGNESIUM, 1200 mg
  • RELIEF FORMULA helps relieve minor aches and pains


Also, watch your diet, eliminate junk food, red meat and acid foods. Check your pH and eat right for your blood type. (I have Blood type charts).


Shop at my online Herb shop:


Have a Fantastic weekend!!!

Hear my recent interview on a podcast!

Posted by | May 8, 2017.


My podcast interview with Keisha!


My podcast interview!

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a delightful young lady named Keisha who has a lovely online podcast and blog. She is recognizing people in the community who serve and have services to benefit everyone. I feel privileged that she asked me to be on her podcast.
To learn more about my Holistic Spa – Sacred Therapy Spa and how I got into Holistic health and herbs checkout her online interview:

Feel free to leave your comments here on my blog.

Health Update – May 1, 2017

Posted by | May 1, 2017.



I am back posting on my blog regularly and I want to share a quick disclaimer:

This blog is for educational purposes only. It does

not diagnose or prescribe. It is recommended you

seek a professional health practitioner for health



With the campaign I have joined – THE URGENCY IS NOW!!! You will see me sharing knowledge more regularly. I am trying to keep myself on point and help others!!!


Last week I was excited to share how nice my skin looks since I’ve been doing my herbal colon cleanse. I’ve been cleansing for almost a month. I have gotten rid of lots of waste, gas and toxins. Each time I commit to doing a 90 day colon cleanse I am pleased with results. I hope to stick to this program for the full 90 days. It is an anti-aging program. It builds your immune system, gets rid of skin breakouts, bumps and rashes, gives you more energy and it even helps with cellulite and other benefits.


Did you know I also have a YouTube along with this blog?

I did a video on how this herbal colon cleanse is an anti-aging program. (See above).

Check it out and subscribe to my YouTube. I plan to add new videos soon!!!


Thanks to having teenaged sons I’ve learned how to create YouTubes. I will never forget when my oldest son was a little boy about 8 years old. He had bought something for his Game boy hand-held game and he was trying to figure out how to work the accessory he bought, so I watched him get on the computer, go to YouTube and another little boy about the same age as him popped up on YouTube and gave him clear directions on how to use his new toy. I was amazed. My sons went on to even create their own YouTube channel! I said “Wait a minute, let me get these little boys to train me!” So now I’ve been YouTubing and I’ve also gained training from a lady name Chrissy of “Chrissy Glam”

She has a successful YouTube channel.” Check her out!


I am having a blast…

sharing information with my blog, social media, videos and live-streaming.

Continue to follow me and hear how my 90 day colon cleanse is going. Feel free to post your comments and questions. If you want to know the full instructions for the 90 day colon cleanse contact me for details. It consists of:


  • Nature’s Three fiber
  • Liquid Chlorophyll
  • Liquid Bentonite
  • LBS II laxative

PLUS you can add the Liver Cleanse


Purchase on my site: Then contact me for full instructions and food upgrade ebook.


Other natural anti-aging tips include:

  • Drinking lots of water daily
  • Dry skin brushing (fights cellulite)
  • Black ointment tightens the skin
  • Essential oils like Frankincense are good for the skin
  • Silver Shield gel helps fight lines like crow feet by your eyes
  • An herbal program for the kidneys help rid bags under the eyes. (Contact me for details)
  • Exercise!


Natural ways to fight Cancer – plus, What you can do while receiving Chemotherapy & Radiation to help you through it

As a woman I am very aware of working on ways to avoid Breast Cancer. I pray for all the women and families who are dealing with Breast Cancer. As an herbalist I know that you can do things to help endure Chemotherapy & Radiation treatment.

Last week I talked about Una de Gato (Cat’s Claw) which is good when undergoing Chemo or Radiation (protects white blood cells, relieves pain, hair loss, nausea, etc.)


More natural herbs:


  • Medicinal mushrooms like reishi, chaga and maitake have compounds called beta glucans that can soothe the internal burns caused by radioactive isotopes.
  • Liquid Bentonite absorb and detox radiation internally
  • Asparagus Root
  • Selenium


Check previous blog posts I have on Cancer and stay tuned for more Anti-Cancer information.


Contact your Certified Herbalist, Marguerite Wright if you want a personalized program.


Rave Diet (YouTube has help fight Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes and more – MUST WATCH…

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