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Mom’s healthy program + Thursday’s Blogtalk show

Posted by | July 8, 2009 .

Mom’s healthy program:
GetStockImage.aspxI am on my first week of my colon cleanse. I am doing a 14 day program called Cleanstart. I love it because it is prepackaged and you just have to add it to water or juice in the morning then take your laxatives. Cleansing always amazes me when I experience all the extra waste, gas and toxins I get rid of. I feel better, less gas and my stomach area actually is going down. I am always perplexed that I have to work so hard to convince some people the benefits of cleansing. With the average American diet full of mucous building foods like milk, cheese, fried foods, and junk foods, believe me, the colon needs extra fiber, chlorophyll and laxatives to absorb and purge out the extra waste and toxins in the body from time to time. You feel better and your body’s immune system becomes stronger and able maintain a healthier lifestyle.
I am also detoxifying my liver while cleansing. I am taking Liver Cleanse which a herbal supplement with a blend of herbs that historically has been used to cleanse and detoxify the liver plus nourish and provide support to the gastrointestinal tract. It also helps support digestive functions and supports the liver and gall-bladder. Because people don’t realize the liver becomes congested from all the pesticides in the foods, toxins, and prescription drugs, including birth control. If you have a sluggish liver that can effect the body in many ways. The liver is a filter and has many functions.
To get the needed vitamins, minerals and other supplements these are the other supplements I take daily:

Vitawave multi-vitamins and minerals

Vitamin D

Bee Pollen for energy

HSN-W for healthier hair, skin and nails because I am dealing with thinning hair.

Pro-G-Yam cream, natural progesterone cream because I am premenopausal.

As a 47-year-old woman of color I know it is important to try to maintain healthy habits. I gave birth to 4 children, my youngest son was born when I was 40, so I am working hard to drop extra weight due to the statistics of African American Women with diabetes and obesity and how this affects our health. I plan to be around for many years for my husband and to see my children and grandchildren grow up if it is the Lord’s will. I don’t smoke, try to eat right, take my supplements and exercise regularly.

Since I have joined Beachbody I have been motivated to exercise more. I fall off some weeks but for the past couple weeks I get up and work out at least 3 or 4 times a week to the Slim in 6 fitness DVD with Debbie Siebers. I log onto Beachbody and join WOWY, the virtual gym that has some workout partners from around the U.S. to workout with. This makes me stick to my exercise schedule better. Check us out at:, click on the blue banner there that says Need Fitness Support, then you with see the virtual community right there.
My coaches are amazing and have been very successful in their weight loss and fitness programs, of course after much hard work. Check out some of the transformations that keep me going, because at my age I know it is harder to loose weight:


I continue to take Shakeology which is great. I love the taste; it curbs my appetite so well and adds extra fiber, enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, protein and antioxidants to my diet. I like the Chocolate flavor but they also have Greenberry which I hear is great too. Details, testimonies and area to shop for your shakeology meal replacement drink are all located at
I must admit, I need to purchase a good scale, but I find my clothes fitting me better.
I invite everyone to join me in living a healthier life for yourself and your loved ones. You will be glad you did. With a serious health crisis in America the time is NOW!

This Thursday’s Blogtalk radio show on health:
If you like learning more health tips, hot topics and listening to great interviews, catch my blogtalk radio show on Thursdays, 9:30 p.m., central time. For this week, July 9th, I will have a Reiki Master, Alice Langholt of come explain to us more about the energy healing technique of Reiki. It should be really interesting.
Call-in number is: 347-237-5541

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