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HOT TOPIC: Women with painful periods, fertility issues and more

Posted by | May 4, 2016 .


I have now been into holistic health and herbs for  more than 19 years. It started part-time and grew into a full-time business for me. I am thankful I have found my passion and mission on this earth to help others gain knowledge and help in preventative health practices and helping people with health issues using holistic measures. I talked about this on Periscope Tuesday morning as I shared an Affirmation and scripture from Psalms 1st chapter; one of my favorite. I hope to do more morning scopes and share motivational affirmations and scriptures to start the day. (Follow me on Periscope @momsherbs)

One of the popular topics that comes up when I am talking to other women, some are my clients, others are friends, family and acquaintances. Women have many female issues from infertility to extremely painful periods. They are dealing with Fibroid tumors, cysts, Endometriosis, PCOS and more. This is defiantly a subject for future YouTubes. We do have awesome programs that help!!! Call or text me if you want details and check below… 708-232-8970.

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