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Doctor says “NO” to flu vaccine

Posted by | October 23, 2009 .

Dr. Eisenstein discusses why he says NO to the flu vaccine on WGNTV recently.

This doctor shares valuable information.

Make sure you have Vitamin D stocked in your home for flu season:


Have a great weekend!

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5 Comments so far
  1. gabrielle October 27, 2009 11:34 p10

    I am worried about the HINI vaccine. I am pregnant and scared to become infected with the virus. My Dr. says to get the flu and HINI vaccine. That if I get sick the medication is worse for pregnancy than the shot. I have never got the flu shot before. What should I do and how can i care for myself if i do get HINI? Does this apply also to my 3 year old son?

  2. Marguerite October 27, 2009 11:34 p10

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. On vaccinations for you or your baby I recommend you do as much research as possible. Many parents choose not to vaccinate. There are other ways to build your immune system other than vaccines. Check out the catergory VACCINES on my blog here. I post lots of information there. I also recommend the DEFENSE PACKET PROMO on sale this month with Nature Sunshine Products. The Colloidal Silver recommended in this package is amazing and kills viruses, while being safe for pregnant moms and newborns. Remember the benefits of vitamin D and how it builds the immune system. Dr. Tenpenny has a list of the ingredients that the H1N1 has which includes mercury. I wouldn’t want to expose my unborn to mercury. Go to and read all the information on her site. I pray you have a healthy pregnancy!

  3. Marguerite October 27, 2009 11:34 p10

    Silver Defense Promo Pack:

    – Silver Shield Gel

    – Silver Shield Liquid

    – VS-C

    Powerful pack for fighting viruses, just in time for flu season.

    ALL for $51.25 for new member sign ups ($85 value)

  4. gabrielle October 29, 2009 11:34 p10

    Thank you Marguerite for your quick response. We have to travel by plane next week. i was wondering, does covering your face with those surgical masks help from catching viruses in crowded places? Also i heard that applying neosporin with a qtip to the inside of your nose can help kill germs. What do you think?

  5. Marguerite Wright - momsherbs October 30, 2009 11:34 p10

    If I were in your shoes I would get the Silver Shield liquid and take it regularly. This way you are boosting your immune system within so you body will be able to fight viruses and germs better. You can also put some of the Silver Shield in a small spray bottle and spray your area on the plane. Don’t forget to take your vitamin D too. This is one of the top things to help fight the flu. I do offer the vitamin D and Silver Shield on my site through Nature Sunshine.

    Another doctor (Dr. Marcola) just posted a video:
    Why You Dont Want to Get a Flu Shot

    I will be adding this to my blog also.
    Have a safe trip!

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