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The Benefits of a Fertility Massage

Posted by | September 16, 2009 .
Photo by thiquinho

Photo by thiquinho

Fertility massage is a powerful natural fertility treatment that has been used for centuries all over the world. The great thing about fertility massage is it can be use in conjunction with traditional treatments; one case in point is the use of fertility massage with IVF. The use of fertility massage leading up to your IVF procedure may help to increase your success rate of implantation. An increased incidence of implantation may be possible because the use of fertility massage increases blood flow and reduces adhesions that can block pathways, there by increasing your chances of implantation/conception.
Fertility massage is a complex and advanced form of massage that includes not one, but several different massage techniques. Six to be exact, five different forms of massage therapy and the sixth is castor oil therapy. It is the combination of these techniques that makes this therapy so beneficial. As stated above massage can increase blood flow to the organs there by increasing the function of the organ and also delivering a much more gratifying sexual experience!! I don’t think any woman will complain about that! This increased blood flow is partially because of a release of the adhesions, this tissue is completely normal in the body, however, when the tissue becomes over grown for whatever reason, it can cause an obstruction of the fallopian tubes…or any other organ.
Not only could fertility massage with castor oil increase your chances of conception, but massage of the reproductive organs may lead to less painful menstrual cycle, and alleviate symptoms of cysts, fibroids, and endometriosis. Women with endometriosis should consider learning these wonderful techniques as massage has shown effective at reducing adhesions, thereby reducing pain, commonly associated with endometriosis. Traditionally endometriosis is treated with surgery, which ironically can cause more adhesions. Learning and implementing these techniques can save you a lot of time, money, and pain!
However, that being said let me stress the importance of performing these techniques correctly and only during the time frame in which they are meant to be applied. As stated earlier there are 5 different massage therapies included in fertility massage and you must be sure to correctly perform each one as not to waste your time and receive the best results. Also, fertility massage should only be performed BEFORE pregnancy and not during your period.
Another important thing to remember is like with any other treatment there may be some side effects, these include a slightly heavier period after your first few sessions, increased bowl movements, and soreness. This increased menstrual flow is actually a good sign this will show you what you helped your body get rid of, the heavier flow is caused by the old adhesions and old blood clots you help break free. Also, you may experience a healthier digestive system as the massage also has a positive effect on your intestines by breaking loose all that old fecal matter. And last but not least after your first session your abdomen may be slightly sore, this is quite normal after your fist organ massage, although you should not be swollen or bruised!

This massage is great for women dealing fibroids, endometriosis and cysts.

Contact your herbalist, Marguerite Wright to set up an appointment to learn how to rid fibroids naturally!

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  1. Donald Howard Smith September 16, 2009 11:34 p09

    I am hoping to learn a lot as I re-visit the site. This is very interesting.

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