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Remembering our ancestors and stepping into a positive future for Black History Month.

Posted by | February 1, 2011 .


Black History Month has always meant so much to me. I remember when it was “Black History week” in the 70s. I grew up in Detroit and loved learning about Black History. I will never forget going to the Shrine of the Black Madonna bookstore when I was a little girl and it was such a wonderful place with all sorts of history, books, and information about my people. I learned more than I ever knew of all the Black people who invented important things like the street light, the ironing board and other important inventions that we still use until this day. I always wondered why this wasn’t a part of my regular education. School might be much more interesting if it were. Well, we have “come a long way baby” and I am so thankful to God for the knowledge and understanding he has given me through the years into my adulthood. I cannot forget our ancestors who are now resting and waiting for their appointed time that the scriptures talk about (John 5: 28-29).

I can’t forget my parents who are now resting with the rest of the ancestors. My father Rufus, who was a very hard working man who worked full-time at a chemical company in Detroit then came home, ate a good dinner that my mother, Atha carefully prepared, then go back out to install a hot water tank in some widow’s home who really needed it. My mother was the best homemaker and caregiver any family could have. My parents worked hard for my brother, two sisters and I so we could all get good educations and have a chance in life.

I just want to say “Thank you” to all the men and women in Black history who poured out their blood, sweat and tears so I could have a better life and offer more to my children. Now I move on to see what my legacy will be.

I want to remember people like artist Dr. Margaret Burroughs from Chicago, who founded the DuSable Museum, Madame C.J. Walker who was the first black woman millionaire, Fredrick Douglass, activist and founder of his own newspaper and human rights activist Malcolm X plus many, many more, well-known and unknown.

I am dedicating my life to serving God, my family and helping others live healthy lives with my health blog, webinars, herbal business and through the gift of touch as a Clinical Massage Therapist.

Let’s all stop and remember someone special who affected our lives in some way and think as we read this poem by Margaret Burrounghs:

What Will Your Legacy Be?
Legacy? Legacy?

Do you know what the word “Legacy”  means?
Well, if you don’t know, let me tell you what the dictionary says it means.

Legacy: property or money left to someone by a will; something handed down from those who have gone before; a legacy of honor, our legacy, of freedom.

In this poem, I’m not referring to material things like property or money, either of  honor or of freedom.

I am referring to what a person has done with this life that God has given to him or her.

Yes, I want to know what will your legacy be? This is a question that I would like to put to each and every one of you?

What will your legacy be?

When you have finally cast off these mortal coils?

When you have crossed the great divide?

What will your legacy be?

When you can no longer run life’s race.

When you no longer have a place; when you have at last completed the circle round and when an escape is no longer to be found.

What will your legacy be?

When you walk into the unknown all by yourself and alone,

What will your legacy be?

Stop for a moment and listen to me and answer this question if you can.

What will your legacy be?

When you must cross that great divide into an area from which none can hide. When you, alone, with no one by your side with no friend to lead you or to hold your hand?


Print by Dr. Margaret Burroughs

Print by Dr. Margaret Burroughs

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