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Posted by | August 29, 2009 .

I have been very busy lately, with job, working my own business, preparing my 3 young sons for back-to-school, supporting my daughter, a recent grad trying to adjust to the work force, attending meetings, teleconferences, donating time with my church and of course trying to fit some time in with the hubby. It can be very hectic sometimes and this is why it is important to support the nervous system with the proper vitamins and minerals needed such as B Complex Levive_300_boor Nutri-calm by Nature Sunshine.  I am also loving Levive by Ardyss International that has 5 power fruits in it, pomegrante, goji berry, acai berry, mangosteen fruit and noni juice.
I get calls all the time from people asking recommendations for various health issues and I am very grateful to share all the natural alternatives available. As Dr. Mercola posted recently on his blog, to help lower the expense of health care people need to really work on preventative health. It is the treatments of cancer and other surgeries and medications that cost so much. This is why I blog, to help make people more aware. I am on facebook, twittermyspace and here trying to shout from my rooftop the blessings God has on this earth for healing of our bodies.

Just this week people have contacted me about gall bladder issues. I have blogged about preventative routes to take to avoid surgery and ways to help with digestion if you already had surgery on this blog (Google “motherknowsbest gallbladder and find the post). Also, people are dealing with shingles, alopecia and female issues such as fibroids, endometriosis and cysts. This is why I choose female issues to be one of my topics for September’s blogtalk radio show. Speaking of blogtalk, Coach Marla recently interviewed my friend and co-host of my show; Hondo Solomon. m_0ce7007fea0448799b4ba31e882996a4Hondo is a knowledgeable brother who can educate us on the political site of the food industry along with the spiritual side. You MUST check out his interview, very revealing. Coach Marla had many questions for him living as a 100% fruitarian.

Listen to Hondo’s interview with Coach Marla at:
Winning Live Through Pain – LISTEN HERE

Chicago Area Health and Wellness 3 Day Event:
Sunday, August 30th through Tuesday, September 1st
Chicago, IL
Intense training with guest speaker Myron Golden
Super Showcases showing the wonderful Body Magic and Angel Bra. Great opportunities available for people going through transitions with her current jobs.
If you would like to be my guest contact me for time and location:

September show topics for Mom’s Healthy Radio Show, with co-host Hondo Solomon:
(Listen live on Thursdays by internet or call in at: 347-237-5541)

September 3rd – Oral Health
Listen to ways people have dealt with gum disease, loose teeth and general oral health with herbs and other natural alternatives.

September 17th – Infertility problems and the female issues that cause it
We will discuss the issues many women at childbearing age are facing today that cause infertility. Disorders such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroid tumors and cysts affect many women.

I am so happy to expand the products available at I post some of the testimonies that people experience with herbal products. Using natural alternatives has helped many people and their pets! With one of my newest products added to my long list products; a natural juice with the 5 super fruits, Levive is helping many. I am hearing great testimonies I have to share:

•    One woman is relieved after her young 8-year-old daughter got great results in drinking the Levive everyday. Her daughter was experiencing terrible migraine headaches and all the doctors could tell her is to take Motrin to help deal with the pain. Her daughter’s migraines were so bad she would have to pull over while driving sometimes because of the pain and throwing up but she didn’t want to continue to give her daughter pain medicine everyday, so she began giving her the Levive juice and it has really helped.
•    Another woman has been drinking the juice along with wearing her body-reshaping garment and she dropped some pounds. She was so excited to get on the scale and see that her weight went down. With obesity being a big health issue in America these days, especially in the African American community products like these are truly needed. I will tell more soon on how the Body Magic helps people loose weight.
•    Another woman was drinking the Levive regularly and was pleased because she is a nurse who was exposed to a patient with the swine flu. After dealing with the patient they recommended she take the vaccine but she said “no” and just continued the juice. She never got sick, not even a runny nose or cold. This should encourage people in the medical field to get on a healthy diet and drink their Levive regularly.

You can order your Levive right here at Check with me to learn of the specials and discounts offered through Ardyss International. CALL ME: 708-575-3968

I am hearing so many more great testimonies that I am just going to continue to post them on my fan page on facebook and I encourage others to join and post their testimonies too.
CLICK HERE to join my fan page on facebook!

Have a great weekend.

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