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Hidden facts on vaccines parents need to know

Posted by | August 2, 2013 .
Photo by Anissa Thompson @

Photo by Anissa Thompson @

Photo: Our children are precious, we have to protect them.

I have been blogging for several years now and anyone who has followed my blog for some time knows one topic I am passionate about as a mom – vaccines. This is because so much information is hidden. I was talking to a parent one time who feels the same way I do about vaccines and she said “any time they are giving out FREE vaccines in the Black and Latino communities you need to wonder.” This is so true. A recent article I came across posted on Facebook by an M.D. doctor shared how they were experimenting on Black and Latino children in the late 1980s. We all remember the Tuskegee 626 where they were experimenting on Black men with Syphilis without them knowing. These men were recieving FREE health care from the U.S. government. That was in 1932, but other incidents are recorded too with simular situations.

We know the bible says “my people perish from a lack of knowledge” in Hosea 4:6. We know Knowledge is Power! This is why I want to share this article I came across for parents to consider. We want to protect our children from diseases, but certain doctors make us feel that vaccines are the only way. Parents have got to educate before they vaccine! Research is finding vaccines are linked to the increasing numbers of children and adults who suffer from immune system and neurologic disorders, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and seizure disorders.

Read this excerpt:

Covert vaccine experiments

Using kids as guinea pigs in potentially harmful vaccine experiments is every parent’s worst nightmare.This actually happened in 1989-1991 when Kaiser Permanente of Southern California and the US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) jointly conducted a measles vaccine experiment.Without proper parental disclosure, the Yugoslavian-made “high titre” Edmonston-Zagreb measles vaccine was tested on 1,500 poor, primarily black and Latino, inner city children in Los Angeles.

Read this full article at this link below. Must read for ALL parents:

Zambia: Are Vaccines Causing More Harm Than Good?


Read all the links from articles and blog posts I have posted about vaccines at this link. I have pages of information including the ingredients of vaccines and where to get waviers so your child can register for school without vaccine shots:

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Have a blessed and peaceful weekend,

Marguerite, your herbalist

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