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A MUST READ: Hypertension

Posted by | November 13, 2012 .

From the desk of my mentor Master Herbalist: Medina L. Nance – You need to know…


HBP is a “Symptom” of Imbalances, not a disease in itself. The job of the Heart is to pump blood throughout the body, to reach every part (toes, fingers, etc.). When the heart is beating harder, raising the BP, it’s usually a signal that SOMETHING IS RESTRICTING THE FLOW OF BLOOD TO THE EXTREMITIES OF THE BODY. Using Medication that decreases blood pressure DOES NOT REMOVE THE OBSTRUCTION INTERFERING WITH BLOOD FLOW! The result is decreased blood flow with POOR CIRCULATION – WE HAVE SIMPLY TRADED ONE HEALTH PROBLEM FOR ANOTHER: Kidney Failure, Amputated toes/foot/leg, Heart Attack, Stroke, Aneurysm, Blood Clots, Gout, Glaucoma, Cataracts, I could go on and on – but you get the picture! IT’S PLAYING 3 CARD MOLLY WITH YOUR HEALTHY; WHILE YOU KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE NUMBERS (HBP, Diabetes #s, etc.) THE “HEALTH” OF YOUR BODY IS DETERIORATING SLOWLY!!
How many people do you know who have ‘Cured’ HBP by taking Medications daily? Probably none! That’s because HBP isn’t caused by a deficiency of HBP Medications, nor is the Medication prescribed designed to “Cure” HBP. In fact, HBP is a perfect example of America’s “HEALTH” Care System that does little to address the CAUSES of most diseases/disorders, but purposely focuses on “SYMPTOM MANAGEMENT”- which allows us to (1) Keep the Original Health Issue (2) Take Medications Daily or ‘Regularly’ (3) Allow more problems to creep in (keeps us as a Customer $$) and (4) BRINGS IN MORE MONEY THAN ALL THE FORTUNE 500 CLUBS PUT TOGETHER!! [Correction: The Top 10 Drugs alone make more money that all the top Fortune 500 Clubs put together!!]


(no pun intened!) First ‘Recognize’ or find the CAUSE(S): (1) Stress (2) Clogged Arteries (60,000 mi of Blood vessels & Artery Walls & Your Heart) (3) Water Retention – Your Kidneys (sometimes weakened Adrenals which set atop the Kidneys cause this….LADIES: Menopause or Hormonal Imbalances – this causes Leakage aka Incontinence too!)
(1) So you need to reduce Stress: Exercise Regularly, just Walk if you can’t do a routine (20-30 min daily). Take the B Vitamins, I use B-Complex (it’s all of them) and there are many Nervine herbs you can take advantage of and other supplements that can soothe and relax your frayed nerves (I speak from personal experience!). It may vary depending on the medications you are on or have been prescribed.
(2) NEXT: We all need to Clean the arteries out! Plaque just builds up over time like the sludge in the oil of a car, so utilize a lot of the God given remedies like Garlic, Butchers Broom, or Chelation Combinations to clean & clear the arteries out – we can prevent a lot of these Heart Attacks & Strokes. Guys, if you are dealing with E.D. (erectile dysfunction) or on your way; GOOD NEWS: It’s CIRCULATION!!! The cleaner the pipes, the better the flow (Basic Plumbing 101)! Note: Take Vitamin E w/Selenium daily [instead of aspirin] as it’s a Natural Blood Thinner, keeps the Arteries & Artery Walls Healthy and prevents Blood Clots! (should not be taken if on Coumadin or other blood thinners, email for more info.)
(3) Last but not least: Those Kidneys! Did you know that there are some (hopefully not many) Doctors that wont tell you your Kidneys are in trouble until they get to as low as 10-15%, because they get $30,000 for ea patient they refer to Dialysis?!! I’ve had it confirmed by several friends who are Nurses!! THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT YOU CAN REPAIR KIDNEYS AND KIDNEY FUNCTION AT 10, 15 OR 0% FUNCTION!! (See tesimonial section on I use Herbal combinations along with vitamins and minerals – it depends on the restrictions: amount of water intake, if still urinating, medications, etc. The bottom line? YOU CAN RID HBP NATURALLY AND COME OFF THE MEDS AND NOT BE DEPENDENT ON DAILY DRUG USE OR DIALYSIS…LET ME BE CLEAR: “HYPERTENSION, DIABETIC, CHOLESTEROL AND SOME HEART MEDICATIONS CAUSE KIDNEY FAILURE” ~ I’VE HAD THIS CONFIRMED BY MORE THAN A FEW PHARMACISTS OVER THE YEARS, SO DON’T BE A SITTING DUCK WAITING FOR DIS-EASE TO DESTROY YOUR ORGANS/SYSTEMS WHILE YOU PLAY ‘3 CARD MOLLY’ WITH YOUR HEALTH!!
Psalms 139:14 I will praise thee; [for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. *Work with all of the great things that God has provided us with while there is time, BEFORE you have get into Emergency Care & Disease Management: Drugs, Surgery, Chemo, Radiation, etc. It’s called PREVENTION & NUTRITION!
Contact Marguerite Wright, Certified Herbalist & Licensed Massage Therapist for a personalized program. Schedule a ZYTO Compass Scan to help you get on a personalized program to help manage Hypertension and other conditions, also for prevention.
I am now available for massages and the ZYTO Compass scan in Homewood, IL – call or text 708-232-8970.

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