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6 Mistakes when trying to Live a Healthier lifestyle and How to Avoid Them

Posted by | February 7, 2016 .


I am working on a support group from my Periscope video chats and my Facebook group – 90 Day Challenge to Fit, Fine and Fierce (Click on group title to join). We chat on these type of topics regularly.



  1. Not managing your Constipation
  2. Not drinking enough water
  3. Not working out
  4. Not taking your quality vitamins and supplements
  5. Not eating 4 or 5 small, healthy meals each day
  6. Not finding your circle of support to keep you motivated



  1. Do a good herbal colon cleanse every season. The 90 day “Granddaddy Cleanse” is best. Contact me for full details. I also suggest the 2 week Tiao He Cleanse with Chinese herbs to help detox, balance and rid the extra waste. The ParaCleanse is another good one to rid nasty invaders.
  2. Start a routine where you drink about 8 to 16 oz of water when you first wake up, add lemon if needed. Then drink another serving of water right before you start your work day. Take in your third serving of water in the middle of the day and then end the day with your last serving of water. That will start your regular routine of drinking plenty of water. Also download the the app – Water Your Body (Previous blog post)
  3. Find something you love doing, from dancing to your favorite tune for an half hour and build up to one hour, get a great workout video. Join a Zumba class or walk in your area with your music to help keep the fast paste.
  4. Do your research, make sure you purchase quality products. Contact your Certified Herbalist – Marguerite for more tips for the best vitamins, minerals and supplements for your body (Nature Sunshine Products are my fav). – Call or text me at: 708-232-8970. Download Periscope and join me there. I’m @momsherbs.
  5. Plan your meals in advance. I recommend a good protein meal replacement drink to start the day such as Love & Peas by Nature Sunshine, add fresh fruit for extra flavor. Order your protein drinks and supplements at:
  6. JOIN our Facebook group – 90 Day Challenge, Fine, Fit and Fierce. If you are in the Chicago area inquire about our 13 week health challenge that will be starting soon in Homewood, IL. Both places we will share recipes, health tips and more. Come to my spa and get weighed in weekly, learn your metabolic age, hydration level and more with the Bio-tracker.


If you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle and staying on track with healthy meals, vitamins and supplements and working out but sometimes you seem to just fall off join us. We chat weekly on Periscope and on my Facebook group – 90 Day Challenge to Fit, Fine and Fierce. The group is growing and my regulars are joining me on my chats on Periscope regularly. Support is the best. We can inspire each other with:

  • Sharing our favorite workouts such as classes in our area or our favorite workout dvds
  • Sharing our recipes
  • Share our achievements: weight loss, keeping on our programs, and more
  • Share uplifting scriptures, affirmations and quotes.



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