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Dr. Oz’s suggestions for daily supplements

Posted by | July 16, 2009 .


Dr. Oz always shares valuable health tips on Oprah’s show. I enjoyed the show for Tuesday, July 14th when Dr. Oz covered some anti-aging tips. In fact you can even download the Anti-Aging Checklist from Oprah’s website.

I was happy to hear him enforce the importance of taking your supplements, something you sometimes hear differently. This is why I am always praising the top quality supplements Nature Sunshine Products offers. I have been a distributor for NSP for over 12 years, along with being a fateful user. I have raised my children using Nature Sunshine and always get positive results.

Based on Dr. Oz’s anti-aging supplement list here is what you can get right here from Mother Knows Best:

Vitamin D


DHA Omega-3 (or Flaxseed oil)


Dr Oz also suggested taking 2 baby aspirins a day for heart health. Hawthorn Berries are also a natural herbal supplement good for the heart.

In the news:
Last week articles were all over the place saying beware of bottled water. This week here in Chicago I saw a report stating sex hormones, and pain killers found in the drinking water.

Time to order a water filter system:
Nature’s Spring RO – reverse osmosis water treatment system.

No show this week on blogtalk:
Join us on July 23rd for a special show in memory of a young woman who lost her life to cervical cancer –
Her mother will be joining us to talk about cervical cancer awareness. My special co-host Hondo will be with us too.

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4 Comments so far
  1. donna October 12, 2009 11:34 p10

    My fiance is 47 years old and had to have his large intestine take out. I would like to know if he should incorporate .any special nutrient s because he can not brake down foods properly to receive the nutrients he need for his body

  2. Marguerite October 13, 2009 11:34 p10

    He would defiantly need to be on a wholesome diet and take enzymes to help with digestion but I would love to talk more to get the details, then I can suggest something for him.

  3. thomas yaw osei September 2, 2010 11:34 p09

    Dr Oz,i have been watching Oprah Show for along time now and i love Oprah as much as i love from Westside of Africa -Ghana,this is my nightmare,i was there one day and i started having a strange feeling of blood pressure,it was raising and i felt very nervous,i thought something was going to happen to was so severe that i started experiencing panic attack since then i have had panic disorders which doesn’t even leave me for a heart beat is not steble,both high and low beat i have been to the hospital but still the same,i can’t go out lock up in the room cos muscle contraction makes me walk funny.please i need help,help me.i am 26 years old man,God bless you and Oprah.

  4. Marguerite September 2, 2010 11:34 p09

    This is not Dr. Oz’s blog but thank you for leaving a comment. The herbalist for this blog does offer consultations to help people get on a healthy program. Contact us here.

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